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Ayurvedic Secrets for Living an Amazing Life


Sun 3rd Mar
10:30 am - 3:30 pm
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Australian School of Meditation & Yoga
320 Montague Rd, Cnr of Skinner & Beattie Street
West End, QLD 4101 Australia

We are excited to be again presenting our popular ‘Ayurveda Secrets’ lifestyle workshop. Book in early so you don’t miss out!

Ayurveda is THE leading time-tested health system for promoting lasting transformation and overall wellbeing. Ayurveda means, ‘knowledge or science of life.’ Ayurveda is recognized by WHO as one of the most important medical traditions in the world and is an authentic system of medicine worldwide.

Whether you want to understand how to improve your overall wellbeing or the cause of many recurring ailments including stress/anxiety, overwhelm, digestive issues, tiredness or other persistent symptoms, this workshop will benefit you. We live busy, demanding lives and often function on auto-pilot and there may be lifestyle factors which we are unaware of which are counter-productive to our wellbeing. We will be exploring how the body, mind and spirit are interconnected and how lifestyle, behaviour and diet can cause imbalance and aggravation.

Ayurveda approaches wellbeing from a holistic perspective and offers restorative preventative approaches to bringing balance and harmony. It teaches us how to optimize and maintain health as well as improve energy and awareness.

This workshop demystifies Ayurveda and guides you step-by-step to understand how the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda when applied to daily living improve your wellbeing. We will help you understand your unique body type (dosha) and identify how to read and identify your body’s needs for optimal health. You will explore the energies which shape your constitution and how to make simple and practical lifestyle, behavioural and diet changes for improved wellness and to balance your constitution and your life.

Using Ayurveda principles, we will explore the qualities and effects of foods and how they balance or imbalance your body and mind and develop awareness of foods to heal, nourish and transform how you feel and function. As digestive power (agni) is pivotal to good health, we will discuss and guide you to restore your digestion to optimal health.

The end-state of your workshop will include you creating your own personal strategy plan for your unique body type and clear goals for continuing your Ayurveda wellness Journey. During the session, participants will map out their journey in a comprehensive Ayurveda lifestyle guide which is yours to keep as a working reference resource. You will develop a simple framework to plan everyday meals to nourish and balance your body and mind. To help you on your new journey to wellness we will gift you a beautiful keepsake Ayurveda recipe booklet. Additionally you will also have access to essential guidelines for maintaining balance for your constitution.

Whether you are a yoga practitioner or not, we will guide you to understand how the science of yoga and meditation complements and enhances Ayurveda to bring balance and harmony to your life drawing on ancient wisdom and present day practices. We will provide simple techniques to get you started.

Overall, this workshop will equip you with knowledge which can be practically applied to empower you to improve your overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and will empower you to take control of your life’s direction.

A wealth of universal knowledge is available to you in this workshop to transform your life from the inside out. You will be empowered with knowledge, strategies and applications to help you make changes that are realistic and manageable. You will leave with a new lease on life and commitment to establishing foundational principles for improved living.

Your Ayurveda Secrets day includes yoga for balance, breathwork, meditation, relaxation, morning tea, chai on tap and a delicious Ayurvedic lunch.

Workshop content:

• Fundamental principles of Ayurveda for holistic living and daily application

• Identify your unique body type and how to balance your dosha

• The qualities of each dosha

• What causes imbalance and how to restore balance

• What you can do to support your health/immune system

• Simple, practical, Ayurvedic routines for optimum health

• Ayurveda foods (as a medicine) for your dosha – understand what works for your body type and what imbalances it

• How to improve digestion

• Sample meal guides and tips and advice for eating to balance your dosha

•Planning meals for your dosha

• Supporting your health with lifestyle pillars of health

• Mindfulness and meditation: essential tools for wellbeing & life

• Create your lifestyle action plan

Your Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guide includes detailed descriptions of workshop content (so you don’t have to remember it all! including identifying your dosha, meal suggestions for each dosha and notes on balancing your dosha. It contains everything to get you started on your Ayurveda lifestyle journey.

This is a not to be missed workshop!

All ages welcome

What to bring/wear:

• Comfortable clothing for asanas and Yoga Nidra. Own yoga mat if you prefer.

What attendees have said:

“Brilliant. More workshops like this. Loved the whole session. It aligns with my values, careers and education.”

“Great intro to Ayurveda with two experienced, kind but also different presenters to bring different points up. Food was great.”

“Thanks so much for a lovely day. Absolutely fascinating and nurturing all in one. Keep up the chai too!”

“Good introduction to overall doshas. Loved learning about the importance of daily routine to match dosha.”

“Best feature: Ayurvedic dosha and routines. Food was beautiful. Facilitators – wonderful.”

“Well presented with the theory and philosophy of Ayurveda. Pace was good.”

“I loved learning yoga poses and mantra. The information was informative and easily understood. I have many books but they confused me. I now know my dosha. Loved it.”

“Thanks so much for a lovely day. Absolutely fascinating and nurturing all in one. Keep up the chai too!”

“Engagement was great, knowledgeable presenters; food and tea was amazing.”

“What you said validated with how I’ve been feeling. Having been so focused on my mental illness – had fused it with my sense of self – reminded me I am not a product of my illness and there are things I can do.”

“Informative and very interesting. Loved the mindfulness.”

“Great introduction to Ayurveda. Could be longer to go even more in depth or allow people to talk and share their doshas and any surprises and cautions.”

“What I liked best: Easy introduction to Ayurveda theory and the blend of meditation, yoga and group work.”

“I had no idea about doshas. Found it very informative. Thank you.”

*Parking is limited in West End.  We have 3 car parks next to our entrance, however there are some residential streets nearby where you are likely to get a park,  – Egbert, Adelaide and Crowther Sts.