Mindful Yoga
in Schools

An ASMY initiative to empower students and teachers with tools for self-awareness, stress management and self-regulation.


Mindful Yoga in Schools is a project by the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga.

Our teachers are experienced, fully qualified kids yoga and meditation instructors who are trained to teach children of all ages, as well as those with special needs.

Mindful Yoga runs in schools, after school care, sporting facilities, kindergartens, holiday workshops and more.

We also have ongoing classes at our centre in Nobbys Beach on the Gold Coast.


In line with the The Department of Education and Communities Wellbeing Framework for Schools, Mindful Yoga in Schools has been developed to strengthen the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of students to improve their experience of learning and quality of life.

Mindful Yoga In Schools Strives To:

Empower Students and teachers with Tools for Self-Awareness, Stress Management and Self-Regulation


Offer integrative programs that support the wellbeing of students and teachers.

Benefits of Mindful Yoga in Schools

  • - Duration and quality of sleep
  • - Physical, social, emotional wellbeing
  • - Behaviours in and out of the classroom
  • - Ability to manage and reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • - Enables relaxation and creativity
  • - Improves postural awareness
  • - Builds resilience, student wellbeing and capacity for emotional regulation

What We Offer

School Term Program

Runs in 10 week blocks. In house student classes, tailored to the needs of your school.

Workshops and Wellness Days

One-off workshops for students and/or teachers.

After-school Programs

Short or long-term classes that integrate with pre-existing after school care programs.

Core Lessons


Runs in 10 week blocks. In house student classes, tailored to the needs of your school.


Learn self-regulation skills that support children and teachers in navigating challenging


School Term Program

Strengthen emotional resilience in order to drive mindful action and decrease reactive behaviour.

Our Team

Our teachers are experienced, enthusiastic, fully qualified yoga and meditation instructors who are trained to teach students with special needs. Our teachers hold senior first aid qualifications and a current Working With Children check.

Carmel Yoga Instructor

Carmel Taylor

Trained in Children's Yoga Therapy, Carmel has taught yoga in primary schools, high schools, sporting clubs and libraries and has taught hundreds of students over the past decade.


Samantha Doyle

Samantha is a mother of 4 and has worked with children age 3-16 in schools and kindergartens for the past 10 years. She is also a Kids Yoga teacher trainer, and runs courses that specialise in educating teachers, parents and childcare workers in how to offer the simple yet powerful practice of yoga and meditation to children.


Nathan Lowe

Nathan has been teaching yoga for working with and underprivileged Youth for the past 5 years. His extensive work in this area allows him to confidently pass the knowledge of Meditation and Yoga on to children in a way that is highly relevant and useful in their daily lives.


Janina Stokes

Having discovered the practice of yoga and meditation as a teenager, Janina has offered stress management and meditation workshops throughout Australia, Canada and Asia, with the hopes of helping people tune in, de-stress and have fun with yoga.


Chantelle Scacheri

As a yoga teacher, social worker and mother, Chantelle brings a broad variety of relevant experience and tools to her classes. An advocate for social-change through yoga, Chantelle loves seeing children of all ages embracing the calming and fulfilling practices of yoga.


Kalindi Head

A yoga practitioner and school teacher of over 15 years, Kalindi is a mother of 6 who loves sharing the practical elements of yoga and meditation in the classroom.

Kalindi is known for her gentle, fun and creative approach to teaching, and has years of experience teaching yoga to children in both NSW and QLD.


Gillian Bertschinger

A yoga practitioner and teacher of over 25 years, Gillian has a keen interest sharing the gentle and restorative elements of yoga with today's fast paced culture.

Gillian is known for her gentle, warm and attentive approach to teaching, and has years of experience teaching in schools in both NSW and QLD.

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