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We have variety of Yoga, Meditation & Kirtan Programs in Brisbane Northside. Please click below the location to find more information about the classes offered.



Weekly Yoga & meditation programs. Monthly Meditation events


Sandgate and Bracken Ridge

Weekly Yoga Asanas & Fortnightly Meditation programs.

Everton Hills Bunya Yoga

Everton Hills

Regular weekly Yoga Asanas
Yoga Asanas | Kids Yoga Class

relax and meditate

Upper Kedron

Weekly Yoga & Meditation classes. Council Supported Program.


Travelling Meditation Events

Monthly & Bi Monthly Wisdom & Kirtan Events
Mantra Meditation | Vegan Meal


We have variety of classes on Brisbane Northside from Samford to Stafford to Sandgate and Beyond. We hope to see you soon!

Our Travelling Mantra Meditation Evening

Once a Month we travel to a new suburb on the Brisbane Northside to offer a unique Mantra Meditation Evening along with Vegan Meal. Perfect evening to get a introduction to Mantra Meditation, connect with a like minded Community and a perfect opportunity to rest your tired mind and heart from a busy week and find spiritual beauty, warmth & comfort in mantra meditation.


Mantra Meditation Evening

Be a part of our Community Mantra Meditation journey as we bring a heart warming evening of Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness & Vegan Meal to your suburb!

By the simple process of mantra meditation, our mind and heart are gradually purified of all kinds of stress, worry, misconceptions, anger, anxiety and deep-seated fears etc. We begin to experience an ever-deepening inner peace and happiness and increasing insights into life. It nourishes our deepest needs for inner peace, happiness, freedom from fear & spiritual love.

Learn simple spiritual practices coming from ancient Yoga system to add to your life to bring about inner transformation and peacefulness.

Its a perfect opportunity to rest your tired mind and heart from a busy week and find spiritual beauty, warmth & comfort in mantra meditation.

When: Once a month month , 6 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: Check below for upcoming edition

Evening includes : Mindfulness, Breathwork, Kirtan, Wisdom & Sumptuous Vegan Meal and Desserts

Booking is essential for catering purposes.

Contacts: Amit: 0403 262 069, [email protected]

Cost: Run by donations.

This activity has been funded by Moreton Bay Regional Council as part of Council's Healthy & Active program. We are very grateful to the MBRC for their support.


Amit Meditation




Chantelle has been applying the Yoga Lifestyle in her life for over ten years. It has deeply transformed her from the inside-out. She finds joy from sharing all the tools, resources and inspirations that have been instrumentals in her own journey with others and supporting them to make simple changes in their life so they can experience the many benefits from this amazing process.

Chantelle is also a fun and nurturing yoga asana teacher who finds the balance between challenging her students and doing the core poses well. You can expect Chantelle’s classes to have a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Every class is unique with a real emphasis on students needs and their areas of tension.

Amit is a practitioner of mantra meditation for over 10 years. After some tough times in his life, and always feeling unfulfilled in the happiness derived from the "external", he started on the journey of self-discovery. He was fortunate enough to come across a genuine selfless spiritual teacher from whom he has received these ancient meditation practices that is available to everyone to cultivate lasting peace and deeper happiness.

For the Yoga Asana classes, he focuses on yoga alignment and breath. He holds the poses for longer duration and likes to tell the benefits of each pose in his class. You will find his classes helpful to increase focus, alignment, awareness and to feel relaxed at the end.

Emma has been practicing Mantra meditation for 5 years and enjoys supporting and providing programs through ASMY North Brisbane. She is a nature lover and finds great benefit from personal practice of meditation within nature.

Still developing and adding to her current skill set Emma currently teaches Deep Peace with Sound meditation using Tibetan sound bowls and Yoga asana classes. Classes have a gentle and relaxed flow interweaving various styles of meditation.

Emma will also be at the Kirtan session that ASMY North Brisbane hold to welcome you and make your experience an enjoyable one.


Free Online Classes

Attend our online Yoga Asana, Meditation, and Yoga Wisdom classes plus more.