Transform Your Life with Meditation Course

Free online course to learn effective meditation practices and wisdom to cultivate inner peace, resilience, and spiritual happiness. We will introduce simple, effective and practical methods to help us to not only calm the mind but also to experience a deeper level of happiness that acts as an anchor to withstand the rough waves of life.

Gayatri Dasi

This practical, hands-on workshop will give you the tools you need to transform your life with meditation. Including face to face time with your meditation mentors and 21 days of online support, you’ll establish a firm foundation for adding this ancient practice to your life in a way that is sustainable for your unique situation.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can lower your levels of stress and therefore have a positive effect on your body and mind. But the benefits of meditation go much deeper than relieving stress. Through the practice of meditation a person can overcome anxiety and depression and experience an actual inner spiritual fulfilment or happiness.

  • Increased clarity and decision-making ability
  • Stress relief and inner peace
  • Freedom from anxiety and fear
  • Deeper inner happiness and fulfillment
  • Ability to let go of anger
  • Overcoming bad habits
  • Increased patience
  • Compassion for others
  • Inner strength and confidence
  • Inner beauty
  • More harmonious relationships
  • Improved sleep

Meet Your Meditation Teacher

Gayatri started her meditation journey 28 years ago when she made the decision to attend a meditation class. From there she has been on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that has lead to a life infused with deep meaning and purpose and inner satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness. Because it has transformed her life so much, she has dedicated her life to passing on the wonderful gift of meditation to others. Gayatri has been managing and teaching at the Australian School of Meditation & Yoga in West End for over 23 years.

How has this course helped others?


I was fairly new to chanting meditation when COVID lockdown changed the world, my life continued mostly as normal due to my work however it became more challenging. I relied on the these meditation practices to get me through the difficult times and have become to use these meditation intervention as part of my daily practice. I so appreciate the time the team has given up to keep me motivated on my journey to better mental health. .-- Maggie


I have derived immense benefits from these mediation practices and apply them daily in my life. It has changed my outlook towards life and i have discovered a deeper level of happiness and inner shelter. It becomes easier to deal with pressures and challenges and when the going gets tough i know where to recharge! -- Amit


Meditation has given me an inner peace and happiness..I seem to be able to have this "it's okay" outlook on life's challenges. I look forward to doing my meditation everyday. It only taken 20 minutes or so out of your morning, but is it worth it? Yes, Because it gives you clarity, a smile on your face and in you gives you a feeling of walking on air. -- Nafiye


I had played with meditation so many times and hadn't found the right format to keep my practice regular and consistent, until I stumbled across this course and the beautiful Kirtan - it all changed from that moment. As I started doing more and more, I craved it more and more and it changed my mindset, my outlook and my pace in life. I then started delving into Japa & breath work and still to this day love it. You will find these practices very easy to incorporate - even in a busy life. -- Kerry

What to Expect?

18 Self Paced Videos divided into 2 modules. The videos will introduce you to different breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques and practices. We will be also doing the meditation with you!

We have also included the wisdom and tips to help you create a daily meditation practice.

The course also include videos on understanding our identity, our true eternal nature and thus understanding where happiness can be found. We will be drawing upon the wisdom from ancient Yoga text, The Bhagavad Gita and learnings from prominent saintly teachers.

Meditation is easy to do, even for one who has not had prior training or experience. Amongst all the forms of meditation, it is Mantra Meditation which is most easy to perform.

“Mantra” means transcendental sound vibration, sound which transcends the material world. It does not originate in the material world; it originates in the Spiritual World and descends to the material platform without losing any spiritual potency.

By the simple process of mantra meditation, our mind and heart are gradually purified of all kinds of stress, worry, hankering, envy, anger, anxiety, and deep-seated fears. We begin to experience an ever-deepening inner peace and happiness and increasing insights into life.

Grow Spiritually

Meditation is not just a set of techniques to calm the mind, but a whole package to assist with a truly happy life from within. This course is suitable for absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, and consists of guided meditations, yoga philosophy talks, kirtan and more.


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