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Deep Peace Meditation and Kirtan

We have discontinued our Thursday class in 2023. Instead we have moved to Tuesdays and joined Madana in her Deep Peace Meditation and Kirtan class. See here for more details.


John Balaam

Hi, I began my yoga and meditation practice close to 40 yrs ago .

Yoga and meditation have been a real gift to me as they are a real gift to humanity . You don’t even have to be proficient at these practices to feel immediate benefits .The aim of the different yoga processes is to ultimately help an individual achieve complete harmony. The different systems of yoga have techniques and practices ranging from physical postures (asanas), to the deepest stages of meditation, all aimed toward helping a person achieve optimum physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

I hope you will take up my invite to join me one day.



Our Wynnum/Manly programs are held at the Branches Community Hub. Free Onsite Parking.


Branches Community Hub, 29 Fox Street, Wynnum (Corner of Wilde Street, next door to Bengal Curry House)


0403 676 435