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Ayurvedic Secrets for Living an Amazing Life

Transform your health, mindset and life by living an Ayurvedic lifestyle

Ayurveda is THE leading health system for promoting lasting transformation. Ayurveda teaches us how to optimize and maintain health as well as improve energy and awareness.

We are really excited to present this popular interactive workshop to help you understand your constitutional dosha. The doshas are three biological energies found throughout the human body and mind governing physical and mental processes. You will explore the energies which shape your constitution and how and how to make simple and practical changes in diet, behavior and lifestyle for optimum wellness. This workshop will also help you develop optimal balance and harmony by understanding and demystifying the workings of the Maha Gunas. You will come to understand how the Gunas and Dosha Theory relates to your everyday life and how this knowledge can empower you towards overall health and wellbeing including better decision making. The workshop has been extended based on feedback from previous workshops to include the opportunity to consolidate learning and application. We will utilize this opportunity by working on small groups to share and build a strong foundational understanding for your wellness journey.

In our supported environment, you will engage in exploring and creating your own personal strategy plan for your unique body type. Your facilitators will guide you through your transition-to-change journey with the opportunity for continuing support after the workshop.


Enjoy a luxurious guided meditation and relaxation, and take home a guide to help you implement a personal meditation practice.

Workshop outline:

* The fundamental principles of Ayurveda for holistic living

* Your unique body type and how to balance your dosha

* How your lifestyle affects your dosha

* The psychology of Ayurveda – the Gunas and their influence on your mind, emotions and daily life

* Identify how the disease process works and what you can do to support your health/immune system

* Ayurveda diet (as a medicine) for your dosha – understand what works for your body type and what imbalances it

* Individual Ayurveda pulse readings conducted by Dr Pradeep Neupane

* Simple tips for improved health and digestion

Dinacharya– simple daily practices for optimum wellbeing

* Yoga asanas for your dosha

* How to balance your consciousness with mindfulness meditation

* Understand how actions of the mind affect the body and vice versa

* Develop a greater understanding of the external world and its relationship to your wellness

* Learn the difference between matter and spirit, and discover why this knowledge is CRUCIAL to healing.


You will be empowered with knowledge, strategies and guidance to help you make changes that are realistic and manageable.

 Gift pack includes Ayurveda kit to get you started on for your new daily routine.

Nutritious Ayurveda lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.


* All ages welcome

* Young adults and teens encouraged to attend with their parents at no extra cost.


What to bring/wear: Notebook and pen or digital device.  Comfortable clothing for asanas and relaxation


Sample Testimonials:

“Brilliant. More workshops like this. Loved the whole session. It aligns with my values, careers and education.” Maura

“What you said validated with how I’ve been feeling. Having been so focused on my mental illness had fused it with my sense of self – reminded me I am not a product of my illness and there are things I can do.” Sarah

“Informative and very interesting. Loved the mindfulness.” Lillian

Great introduction to Ayurveda. Could be longer to go even more in depth or allow people to talk and share their doshas and any surprises and cautions.” Jeremy

“I had no idea about doshas. Found it very informative. Thank you.” Timothy

“Great value and location.” Annette

“Afternoon tea was incredible!” Natalie


When: Saturday 15th February 11am – 5pm

Where: ASMY, 320 Montague Road, West End (entry at rear in Beattie St)

Cost: $79 includes take-home Ayurvedic starter kit, delicious, nutritious Ayurvedic lunch and afternoon tea