Vegan Brown Rice Patties

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When my children were growing up and being difficult about veggies I had to become a little inventive.  I found zucchini, carrot and beetroot easy to disguise in cakes, patties, pizza and pasta sauces and leafy greens went into the blender with pineapple juice or adhered deliciously to the melted cheese on rice pies or pizzas.  And they never complained!

These patties combine beetroot, zucchini with brown rice and are great on burgers, sandwiches or become a nutritious part of a main meal. You can be adventurous and experiment with all sorts of vegetables and the quantities don’t need to be rigidly adhered to. These quantities make about 15 patties.



4 cups well cooked brown rice

1 beetroot – grated

1 zucchini – grated

250 g corn kernels

Small jar of pasta sauce (about 250g) or same quantity of a can of diced tomatoes

½ – 1 chopped onion

3 Tbsp mixed herbs.

Oil for frying

Salt to taste

1 cup flour or breadcrumbs



Fry the onion, then add the mixed herbs and stir through, frying lightly.

Mix everything together and roll into large golf balls. If they don’t stick together well add more flour or breadcrumbs.

Flatten to a patty shape and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Fry well on each side or brush with oil and bake/grill until brown. Enjoy!



By Vrndavan Dasi

Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training


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