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Reincarnation, Karma and Freedom From All Suffering


Australian School of Meditation and Yoga
2532 Gold Coast Highway
Mermaid Beach, QLD 4218 Australia
A comprehensive look at the science of karma & reincarnation

Spiritual life begins when we ask, “Why am I suffering?” Each and every day, almost at every moment, we find ourselves confronted by the immense scale of human suffering, both globally and personally.

According to yoga wisdom teachers, the goal of life is to be liberated from the wheel of birth and death and to be reestablished in our eternal joyful condition of wisdom and spiritual love.

But we need to understand the nature of our entanglement in order to be freed from suffering. Reincarnation is not just a philosophy. It is the science that can answer the question of why we are suffering.

In this compelling seminar, respected teacher, Radha Krishna das will present an in-depth discussion on the philosophical, scientific and spiritual evidence that can free you from the wheel of birth and death.


He will answer such vital questions as:

– Is there any proof that we will be reborn when we die?
– Why does a person reincarnate?
– If our lives are determined by our karma, can we change it?
– Is it possible to stop suffering and find happiness?


Date: Saturday 21 May 2 PM – 5 PM
Cost: $15 (Includes Refreshments)
Bookings: via Eventbrite
Australian School of Meditation & Yoga Mermaid Beach
Shop 4A, 2532 Gold Coast Highway