Meet Our Yoga Day Festival Teachers

We have a fantastic line up of popular local yoga teachers for our exciting Yoga Day Festival program.


First off the mark will be Omniya, with her huge personality and fun sequences, she’ll be guiding us through a gentle, but dynamic yoga flow and will have you limber, warm and energised in no time. Working as an environmentalist, yoga felt like a natural progression to Omniya. Egyptian by birth, world traveler by choice she fell in love with yoga’s ability to bring people together and its ability to inspire compassion. Read more about Omniya here.


Next in the line up will be Stef, calm, serene, but strong and flexible with a dance background, she’ll be leading us through standing and balancing poses to help build strength, stamina, focus and balance.  Stef exudes a passion for yoga. “I first came to the mat as a teenager struggling with insomnia and frustrated with dance injuries. Yoga has been such a powerful anchor through the tides of life that I have naturally found more and more time and energy to devote to my practice. Read more about Steff here


Gopali Dasi  will be guiding us through Tribal Yoga Dance Flow, an uplifting, inspirational experience that allows you let let go, find your flow and dance your own dance.  Gopali is passionate about awakening the fluidity, freedom and fun within the practice of yoga asana. She has developed Tribal Flow, a yoga/ dance fusion guided by dynamic live music in order to create and share an experience that inspires creativity, freedom and joy through movement.  Read more about Gopali here.


John, a popular yoga teacher has been with ASMY for many years and started practicing asanas well over 30 years ago. Needless to say he is strong, flexible and agile.  John will be teaching the last class of the day which will be a wonderful combination seated poses to stretch out our muscles, release body tension and increase flexibility.  Read more about John here                                                                                                                                                                         J


Gayatri has been teaching meditation for over 15 years. You’ll see her almost every Friday and Sunday night taking the Gauranga Breath meditation session at the Mantra Room West End.  Her yoga journey began 23 years ago when she went to a meditation class on the Gold coast and she hasn’t looked back.  Living and teaching yoga has become her life and soul.  Read more about Gayatri here                                             Gayatri                                                                                                                                                                           


Marie first began her journey into meditation and yoga over twenty years ago. Today she teaches yoga in her role as a special education teacher and has taught meditation and life improvement workshops  over the years in various cities across Australia. She is a mother of four children ranging in age from 10 to 21.  Marie attributes the ability to be able to balance a demanding job with many of the other roles she has, with her daily meditation practice. Read more about Madana here.


Namaste, My name is Jivananda dasi and I am one of the many teachers of meditation at ASMY.  I have been teaching meditation for over 40 years , and I love to pass on the wonderful benefits  meditation brings to our lives.   My aim in each meditation class is  to make  it easy to learn , fun to do , and hopefully enjoy a newfound peacefulness.  Meditation is for everyone – young or old.  It is the key to open the door to inner happiness. I would love to met you at YDF, show you some easy meditation techniques and do my best to answer any question you may have.  OM Hari OM.


Namaste, My name is Yasi and I’m one of the yoga asana and meditation teachers at ASMY. My journey into yoga came about via a long and determined search for answers to life’s big questions and a quest for lasting satisfaction and happiness. I tried many forms of meditation and yoga before I finally came across a room full of people chanting and realised that this was it, the search was over, here what I was meant to do with my life. Read more about Yasi here.