Namaste, My name is Yasi and I’m one of the yoga asana and meditation teachers here at ASMY. My journey into yoga came about via a long and determined search for answers to life’s big questions and a quest for lasting satisfaction and happiness. I tried many forms of meditation and yoga before I finally came across a room full of people chanting and realised that this was it, the search was over, here what I was meant to do with my life. This chanting, was mantra meditation and this process, Bhakti Yoga. I had found my place, my life’s purpose, the answers to my questions, and this deep, profound sense of peace, love and happiness began to weave itself into my life and heart, and it continues to grow a little deeper each and every day.

Naturally, I wanted to share this precious gift and experience with others and so I started giving some deep peace classes and talking to people about meditation, and began to include mantra and in my work as a natural therapist. My enthusiasm was such that I wanted to reach more people and so spent most of last year studying to be a qualified yoga asana teacher, and now here I am sharing yoga and meditation with people every day. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to share with you the gifts I have received and try my best to hold classes that offer a taste of the blissful peace, relaxation and deep lasting happiness that is available to all of us should we wish to seek it out. I believe that yoga is for every body and that we need to take a holistic approach to it, not just looking at the body, but the mind and heart as well. People have said that my yoga asana style is grounded and earthy, nurturing, meditative and very chilled out – if these are aspects you would like to include in your practice I would love to share some yoga with you. Hari bol!