Breeze Through the Stress of Christmas with Breathwork Meditation

As we have finally reached the end of a fast year, it might be good to step back and catch our breath with some Breathwork Meditation. Nathan’s unique combination of chi kung and yoga breathing, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation is especially designed to help you stay calm even though you are seemingly nonstop on the go. In this session you will learn to find a centre of peacefulness no matter what life is serving you up.

All chi kung breathing in this session is performed along with easy arm movements which are suitable for everyone. As we focus on our breathing and movement, the nervous system learns to be calm during both stillness and change. Nathan encourages the class to become contemplative and close their eyes during chi kung breathing even while they are standing up. This simple act of blocking out the external world helps to internalize and process the experiences. The class is reminded to stay present with the breath during the session and to keep this focus throughout the day. As soon as the mind strays away from the breath it starts to get shallow and fast and we move more into stress mode. This simple act of staying present with the breath can change the course of our day helping us to be less reactive and more measured in our responses to challenging situations.

Nathan always adds a little lightness to his classes whether yoga, breathwork or mediation. True to Nathan’s nature at the end of the breathwork part of the session we are invited to welcome a little enjoyable lightheartedness to finally release any tension that might still be lingering. Now we are ready for some relaxed mindfulness meditation.

Standing back from the relaxed body and mind we are able to experience the calm peacefulness of the self, distinct from body and mind and from there fill our hearts and minds with the soothing yoga mantras fully equipped to face the shopping and the crowds, the heat and the traffic.

View our full timetable here. We hope to see you soon and Merry Christmas!


By Vrndavan Dasi
Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training