Nasal Cleansing with Water.

How’s that wonderful feeling in your sinuses when you dive under the waves! You can get that feeling every time you do neti – fresh and clear.

Neti is a nasal wash with warm, salty water. Its main benefit is in the prevention of respiratory disorders like colds, flu, sinusitis and allergies. However, it is also said to be helpful in treating various disorders – like glue ear, myopia, inflamed adenoids, nervous tics, muscular tension in the face, migraines, and even epilepsy.

Flushing out the nostrils increases our alertness and is balancing for our emotions.

Traditionally, salty water was sniffed from a bowl or the palm of the hand, taken down the throat and spat out. An easier method is to pour the salty water into the nostril using a neti pot.

Neti pots can be purchased online or from some health food stores. Alternatively you can use a little spouted jug or teapot – as long as the spout fits comfortably in your nostril.

To prepare; mix enough water to fill your neti pot to the proportion of 1 teaspoon of sea salt per half litre of warm water. If you have too much or too little salt you will feel an unpleasant burning sensation. You can do neti over a basin or bucket, in the shower or outside.

To cleanse the nostrils, tilt your head to one side and slightly back, inserting the spout into the upper nostril. Relax and tilt the neti pot in such a way as to allow the water to flow through the back of that nostril and over to the other side, letting it drain out the lower nostril. Sometimes the water may pass down the throat. Just relax and spit it out. It’s beneficial to wash this passage too. You may need to tilt your chin slightly forward to keep the water flowing smoothly through the nostrils. When half the water has gone, remove the spout, gently blow the nostril and repeat on the other side.

If you feel water may have been retained in the sinuses, you can lean forward and gently but strongly exhale through one nostril at a time.

This nasal cleansing can be practiced once a day or more, if you are trying to relieve some respiratory symptoms.

Neti is particularly good to do in flu season after being in a crowded place where there is lots of coughing and sneezing.