Yoga and the Circulatory System

Yoga is such a wonderful form of exercise. Not only does it feel good but it can also produce amazing health benefits for all of the bodily systems.

The circulatory system is comprised of the heart (the pumping station) and blood vessels (the conduits). As the heart contracts it sends blood to the lungs where oxygen is picked up. This oxygen enriched blood then travels back to the heart which pumps it around to every cell in the body. After nourishing the cells of the body the oxygen depleted blood returns to the heart which pumps it back to the lungs to receive more oxygen and the cycle begins again.

Yoga exercise benefits your entire circulatory system, beginning with the production of blood, which takes place in the marrow of the long bones in the thighs. By improving circulation to the legs with daily yoga stretching exercises we help to rejuvenate the blood. Yoga exercises stretch the body’s major blood vessels, keeping them free-flowing and elastic.

Complete yoga breathing oxygenates the blood and assists fresh nutrients to reach all peripheral vessels and capillaries. Improved circulation means that your brain will receive more oxygen, improving alertness, memory, and mood. Vital organs receive a steady supply of the nutrients they need for optimal functioning.

Stress is a known major contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease. Yoga is a natural relaxant which calms the mind and soothes the nervous system reducing our stress response and its harmful effects.

Although not considered a serious health problem many people suffer from low blood pressure and there are yoga poses which can help this condition.

If you are suffering from a heart condition it is important to let your yoga teacher know as some poses would be contraindicated.