Gate Latch Pose (Parighasana)


  • Opens hips
  • Stretches shoulders
  • Lengthens side body
  • Strengthens back
  • Opens chest


  • Kneeling may be contraindicated for people with knee tenderness
  • Herniated discs
  • Hernia
  • Late pregnancy.

Moving into the Pose

  • From a kneeling position, stretch the right leg out to the side and deeply rotate it so the foot and knee face the ceiling and are in line with the hip.
  • Allow the left hip to turn inwards as much as it needs to.
  • Tip from the hip crease to the right and let the right arm travel down the right leg as much as is comfortable without forcing.
  • Try to keep the shoulders and hips in the same alignment.
  • Raise the left arm to the ceiling and keeping the chin in neutral turn the head to look up.
  • Stay for 5 or more breaths and then practice on the other side.


  • Shoulder pain or tightness – keep top arm bent with hand on hip.
  • Knee pain – pad under the knee or do Triangle instead.
  • Neck tightness or pain – don’t turn the head.
  • Reverse Gate Latch – Instead of bending over the straight leg, reach back the other way creating a long straight line from the right leg to the right arm above the head. The left hand can be on hip, block or floor.


By Vrndavan Dasi
Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training