Eye Exercises

ASMY short sightedness exercises

Just like all the other muscles in our body the eye muscles respond very well to a little exercise each day especially if we strain them by spending a lot of time in front of screens.

Most people appreciate a few eye exercises popped into their asana class and after learning them often practice them regularly.

Throughout all the following exercises keep your eyes relaxed, don’t strain.

1. Clock circles

Imagine you are looking at the numbers 1 – 12 on a clock face. Move your eyes around from 1 to 12 spending 5secs on each number and then move them back again.

2. Clock Adjustments

Imagine you are looking at a clock face, look from the centre out to each number and back again all around the 12 numbers

3. Focusing on finger

Place your thumb at the tip of your nose and focus on it. Slowly move your thumb to full arm’s length while still keeping it in focus. Now move your arm out to one side while still focusing on your thumb but without moving your head. Then slowly bring it back to centre and back to the tip of your nose. Repeat with your other hand. Reminder: don’t strain to focus.

4. Writing on the Wall

Imagine you are using your eyes to write letters on the wall. The bigger the letters the better but keep your head still.

5. Head Swings

Look at an object close to the floor and keep your focus on it as you swing your head from side to side. Don’t swing too fast or you might get dizzy.

6. Peripheral Vision

This exercise develops our peripheral vision which is not only important for our ability to see but also very relaxing. Hold one finger up on each hand at full arms length and focus on an object between them.

a)While still focusing on the object, slowly move your arms out to each side till you can no long see them out of the corners of your eyes and then slowly bring them back again.
b) Now while still focusing on the object move one hand up and the other down until they move out of your peripheral vision and then repeat the other way.
c) Next move your arms away from each other in diagonal directions and repeat the other way.
d) Lastly make circles with each hand out and in.

7. Blink and Squeeze

Blink your eyes rapidly 20 times and then squeeze tightly shut and hold for 2 deep breaths. Then relax your eyes.

8. Palming

Rub your palms together until they are very warm and then place them over your eyes, block out any light from coming in and open your eyes and gaze with relaxed eyes at the blackness for 3 or more breaths

By Vrndavan Dasi from Veda Yoga Training