Crane Pose – Bakasana

Improves balance and concentration; strengthens the core

Key Benefits

Improves balance

Strengthens the core, shoulders, arms and wrists

Opens the hips

Stretches the upper back


Come down into a deep squat with your buttocks hovering just above the floor. Place your hands on the floor in front of your feet and start to shift your weight forwards.

Engage your core and work your knees on to your upper arms. Lift up on to your toes and begin to lift your hips. Soften your gaze as you inhale, taking your toes off the floor for a moment. If you felt comfortable doing this, continue on with the remaining steps. If this already feels challenging, continue practicing up to this point until you gain strength.

On an exhalation, strongly engage your core, move your shoulders just beyond your wrists and lift your feet off the floor. Let your neck be an extension of your spine. Squeeze your inner thighs against your upper arms and press your navel up towards your spine, as if it is responsible for initiating the lift of your entire body.

Breathe steadily, holding for as long as is comfortable.

To come out of the pose: lower your feet and knees to the floor. Relax. Shake out your wrists and relax your shoulders.

Modifications & Variations 

Place a pillow or some blankets under your head just in case you fall forwards or collapse in the pose