Meditation to Heal our Hurts

In our life we have all experienced sorrow and pain, which is very distressing, and reduces our quality of life. Sometimes we can feel that we are living in the past while trying to move forward. Our memories of the past can leave a scar on our heart, which requires a spiritual ointment to sooth the pain.

In all walks of life we are encouraged to not live in the past. There is the example , that there will be great difficulty if we are trying to navigate a car forward, while looking in the rear vision mirror. In our past we may have been betrayed, hurt and felt heartache ; this may have been small or sometimes immeasurably traumatic. We can learn much from the past and the lessons it has taught us. “The past can be a nice place to visit, but we don’t want to live there”.

Learning to control the mind is a great tool toward letting go of our past trauma and difficulties. The urges of the mind, and the emotions that can strongly sweep over us, are temporary feelings we experience. These are due to our consciousness being effected by material influences. Our minds need to become disciplined for us to feel happiness and peace.

The mind is one of three elements that make up the subtle body. It is where our desires, attitudes and perceptions of life reside; these combine to form our consciousness. Our very mind entangles us , can make us feel like a prisoner within our own little world, and needs to be cleansed and cared for just like our physical body. Do we really understand what our minds position and function is?

Yoga teaches us that the mind, by nature is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong. It is fickle like the wind. By learning to take control of and discipline the mind, we can heal the past and choose to ne happy and content right now. Being happy in the present also means helping and reaching out to others, being compassionate, accepting and forgiving.

Practicing meditation means to take our mind and fully submerge it into a non- material experience. The position of our mind is to elevate us, not degrade us. Every time we dig up our trauma from the past we suffer, and sometimes may wish that other people suffer; this is how the mind degrades us. It turns un-needed resentment and envy into another awkward experience.

By meditating upon transcendental sound – mantra yoga – the mind becomes more disciplined, and this creates better awareness when the storms of life appear. As the meditation experience becomes more regulated in our daily life, our insights into the workings of our mind become clearer , and we are less likely to follow it’s wants and urges. This is were lasting peace can truly be found, not by following the endless mind stuff that surfaces.