Candlelight Mantrascape Sound Healing


Monthly on Saturdays
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Self-care is something we far too often overlook, but is is something we all desperately need and should be making a priority in our busy lives. Looking after our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is what refreshes, rejuvenates and energises us so that we can move forward with our lives in a more balanced, harmonious way.

Enter Mantra Sound Bath! Never heard of a sound bath? Well you are certainly missing out on something very wonderful. A sound bath is just like taking a bath. Don’t we all find a nice warm soak in the bath washes away the stresses and tensions of the day? Well a sound bath does a similar thing but goes much deeper than simply removing physical tension.

A Mantra Sound Bath is a powerful, healing tool which will bathe our consciousness and allow us to reconnect with our true self. These divine transcendental sound vibrations will not only relax the body, but calm the mind but nourish the soul.

Here’s what to expect:

* Lie down and relax in a beautiful, tranquil atmosphere with soft candlelight and ambient decor.

* We’ll begin the evening by guiding you through some gentle yoga breathing and a full progressive body relaxation (yoga nidra or yogic sleep) to ambient music and serene sounds of nature.

* While you are in a deep meditative state, the healing vibrations of transcendental sounds interwoven with the soothing sound of crystal singing bowls will take you to a place of pure relaxation of body, mind and heart.

* We will gently bring you out of your yogic sleep to enjoy some soft sacred chanting (kirtan)

* Enjoy delicious vegan sweets and hot spicy chai.

Give yourself the gift of a Mantra sound bath, for a truly healing, revitalising and unique experience!

We want you to be nice and comfy in order to reach a deep state of relaxation so please bring two blankets.

Limited places so book early to avoid disappointment.

We follow a Covid Safe Plan, so please sanitise upon arrival and maintain social distancing.

We have a few car parks in Beatty Street and there is parking in the streets around the centre, I’ve attached a map at the bottom of the page for other suggested parking areas if you have trouble finding a park. It is advised to get there a little early to find parking.

If you have any questions, please contact

Gayatri – [email protected] – 0404499593