Katie Nutter

Yoga Teacher
Hi, my name is Katie and I began practicing yoga in 2014. I was drawn to the practice initially as a way to move my body and attended here and there for years, always feeling that there was something deeper there but not yet commiting to a more routined practice. Fast forward a few years and I was going through a really stressful period in my life and noticed how much having regular practice was affecting me both physically and mentally for the better. From then on I was hooked, attending studio classes daily and beginning to develop my own practice at home, then during 2022 I decided to take the leap and do my first 200hr training in Purna yoga, a style similar to Hatha yoga. The intention was to learn more about the philosophical side of yoga and deepen my own personal practice, I loved throwing myself into the ocean of yogic knowledge and learning as much as I could during the intensive training! After, I toyed with the idea of teaching classes, wanting to share yoga with people because of how much it had helped me. Although ultimately I continued my personal Sadhana and continued my career as an early childhood teacher.
At the end of 2023 I felt called to keep on learning and made the journey to Rishikesh, India to undertake an additional 500hrs of training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga with the intention of coming home and sharing yoga. My time in India was magical and I learnt so much about the practice of yoga in the most authentic and beautiful setting of the himalayas. Now back on home soil I am eager to teach, sharing my passion for vinyasa flow and a more holistic approach to yoga teaching. My classes are focused on movement and breath connection. I am passionate about accessibility for all and my teaching style isgentle, encouraging everyone to practice yoga asana safely and intune with their own unique needs. I love sharing pranayama practices and yogic knowledge, I always aim to have my students leave feeling a little lighter than when they arrived. On a more personal note I love the ocean, live music and being out in nature. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!