Empower Yourself with Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual Knowledge empowers you because it gives you the ability to make informed decisions. Life is a journey and every decision changes the road ahead. But what is that journey and why does it matter? We look to the ancient Yoga teachings to answer these questions.

Where is True happiness?

Where can we find true happiness to be found? Not just that temporary, fleeting happiness that comes and goes, but that deep and lasting happiness that stays with you. True happiness is there, we just need to know where to find it so we'll be going on a deep inward journey to discover where that true happiness actually lies.

What is Purpose of Life?

Everyone wants to have purpose in their life. If we don’t have purpose, we are like a boat without an rudder, turning in circles and going nowhere. A life without purpose can lead to great unhappiness.

Who Am I?

Who Are You? This is the first of life’s big questions. Nothing is more important and more relevant than to know who you are. Are you merely a collection of atoms and molecules or are you something more?

Perhaps you have never asked yourself this question. But unless you know who you are, you will not be able to determine the goals of your life and the purpose of your existence. You will not be able to measure success or progress.

Life Enhancement Series

At 'Life-Enhancement Evenings', we will be exploring ways to improve our lives from the wisdom of the ancient Vedas. This great wisdom has been passed down by self-realised yoga masters since time immemorial, however, even in this modern world, this knowledge is so relevant and practical, it can be easily applied to our lives.

Yoga Wisdom with Gayatri

Examine life changing topic such as identity, the nature of existence, love and relationships. Valuable insights on all this and more abounds in the complete Yoga system. If you would like to know more then try our Life Enhancement Workshops.

Our Yoga Wisdom Programmes

We incorporate Yoga Wisdom into our Sunday night Kirtan program. We also have various workshops and events throughout the month.