Yoga with a Spiritual Heart

As a holistic yoga studio and a lifestyle centre, our classes include not only asanas (poses) but pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and relaxation to help you to achieve greater balance in your life.

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All our regular Deep Peace Meditation Classes & The Mantra Room Programs are run by donations.

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Restorative yoga class with Ana on Wednesdays at 7pm

Yoga has enormous benefits for both body and mind, but when the pace of life is fast, we may find our minds and bodies speed up to match it. Our minds start to race, we can feel overwhelmed, and drained. If we are also drawn to a strong, dynamic yoga practice or other high intensity exercise, then we may get overstimulated. Our nervous systems then take a beating.

Making sure we take some time out to practice Restorative yoga even once a week can help to balance our busy lifestyles and has an enormous capacity to heal stress-related physical and emotional issues. In Restorative yoga class we use props like bolsters, blankets and blocks to completely support the body in poses and we stay there for around 5 minutes per pose. There is no muscular effort involved so Restorative yoga can also be helpful to try if you are chronically ill or recovering from injury.

To help you decide on the right class for you, check out our comprehensive yoga menu and meet our teachers.

No need to book for the classes. Just turn up!
Please bring your own mat.  Mat hire is $2 per mat.
Deep Peace Meditation Classes 
Please  bring your own mat or blanket to lie on and anything else i.e. cushions, blankets and other items that you will need to make yourself comfortable.
Mat hire is $2 per mat.