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Namaste, welcome to the meditation and yoga centre at Mermaid Beach. You’ll find it easy to relax and unwind in our vibrant, comfortable, air conditioned yoga and meditation space.

Our yoga asana and meditation class timetable is here!

Retreats, workshops, cooking classes, seminars, festivals and meditation courses are here

Inspiring kirtan programs at The Mantra Room!

We have fantastic programs all around the Coast, Burleigh Heads, Nerang , Southport and Labrador.


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Namaste` and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Class Timetable

Timetable Options
Class Type

Mermaid Beach


The Mantra Room – Live Kirtan (Burleigh Heads)


Yoga Asana Flow – Monday
Stretch & Relax – Monday
Deep Peace Meditation – Monday
Deep Peace Meditation – Monday
Hatha Yoga – Monday


Hatha Yoga – Tuesday
Deep Peace Meditation – Tuesday
Hatha Yoga Easy – Tuesday


Stretch & Relax – Wednesday
Discover Meditation Course – Wednesday
Deep Peace Meditation – Wednesday
Hatha Yoga – Wednesday


Hatha Yoga – Thursday
Deep Peace Meditation – Thursday
Teacher Trainee Hatha Yoga – Thursday
Discover Meditation Course – Thursday


Stretch & Relax – Friday
The Mantra Room – Live Kirtan (Mermaid Beach)


Hatha Yoga – Saturday

We don't hold classes on public holidays.

NEW CLASS - Yoga Asana: Flow. Monday morning 6am to 7am (Strong Class - not suitable for beginners) As of Tuesday May 2nd, this class will start at 7am and finish at 8am

Monday night, 6.30pm to 7.30pm Hatha Yoga class is a level 2 class (not suitable for seniors)

Free/low cost Gold Coast Community Classes

In conjunction with the Gold Coast City Council we offer a variety of free/low cost hatha yoga and meditation classes across the Gold Coast. For further details see Gold Coast Community Classes.

Upcoming Events

For All Mothers | Mothers Day at The Mantra Room

Sun 14th May | 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm
A mother’s day with a difference!   Join us for a special event celebrating and sending love to all mothers, near and far. The vedas…

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Yoga Asana
Yoga Asana

Our Yoga Exercise Classes

We don’t hold classes on public holidays.

No Bookings Required. Bring a towel and yoga mat. Yoga mats can be purchased at the Mermaid Beach centre.

Yoga Asana Classes

Hatha yoga asana classes increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, balance hormones, cleanse and flush all the internal systems of the body, calm the mind and reduce stress. Classes include meditation,relaxation and kirtan.

Easy Yoga Asana Classes

Gentle stretching and breathing for every body. In this class you’ll gently loosen stiff joints and ease out aching muscles while soothing the nervous system and calming the mind. Classes include kirtan, meditation and relaxation.

Yoga Asana: Flow (NEW CLASS)

This class is a flowing vinyasa style class using sequential movement that interlinks postures to form a continuous flow. It is excellent for increasing aerobic fitness and strength as well as flexibility. It is a stronger style of class and a little more challenging. However as with all our classes easy options are given, so you can make it as easy or challenging as you’d like.

Teacher Trainee Hatha Yoga

A teacher trainee class that is fully supervised by a qualified yoga teacher.

Stretch & Relax

This class features half an hour of gentle stretching followed by half an hour of relaxation, helping to relieve tension in the body and the mind. You will leave feeling alive and with a sense of peace and inner calm.


Our Meditation Classes

Following ancient tradition, ASMY offers all meditation courses and classes for free or by donation because we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to receive the gift meditation and experience the amazing benefits that meditation has to offer.

We have meditation courses for those who want to learn to practice at home and ‘Deep Peace‘ fully guided sessions that will transport you to a place of pure relaxation of mind, body and heart.


Deep Peace

Experience the deeply relaxing and restorative effect of yoga relaxation and mantra meditation. These ancient yoga practices can help you overcome stress and anxieties, help relieve tension and calm the mind. This is 45 minutes of bliss. It feels wonderful and helps you to experience perfect rest and recuperation. This class will transport you to a place of pure relaxation of mind, body and heart.

FREE – donations are welcome. No need to book. Please bring a yoga mat and towel. Yoga mats can be purchased at the Mermaid Beach yoga centre.

See our timetable of classes here.


Transform Your Life With Meditation

Several easy and practical meditation techniques are introduced in these courses. You will learn how to cope better with stress and improve your physical and mental well-being. Meditation provides insights into the workings of the mind and emotions. It further helps you develop clarity and wisdom, gaining a greater understanding of life. You can experience inner peace and lasting happiness by reawakening your natural spiritual consciousness and becoming self-realised.

March 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 10.30am Wednesday 8th
April 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 7.30pm Thursday 6th
May 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 10.30am Wednesday 3rd
June 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 7.30pm Thursday 1st
July 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 10.30am Wednesday 5th

August 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 7.30pm Thursday 3rd
September 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 10.30am Wednesday 6th
October 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 7.30pm Thursday 5th
November 2017 - 3 Part Course starting 10.30am Wednesday 1st
December 2017 - 2 Part Course starting 7.30pm Thursday 7th

FREE – runs by donation.



Kirtan is the singing of ancient Vedic mantras, spiritually uplifting songs, prayers and the Sacred Names of the Supreme. Rather than being a type of performance, Kirtan is a journey of self discovery.

This ancient yogic practice was traditionally accompanied with Indian instruments. In the hands and voices of contemporary practitioners, Kirtan has been transported beautifully to all cultural and musical styles without losing its genuine spiritual authenticity.

Weaving together melody, music and mantra with people responding to the words of the singer, clapping, swaying and sometimes dancing, Kirtan is simultaneously a meditative, exhilarating and fun activity.

Kirtan is the most powerful and enjoyable form of meditation. By meditating on these sacred sounds we reach a state far beyond the stress and worries of life.

The eternal wisdom contained in the yoga texts explain that these mantras are transcendental sounds endowed with unlimited spiritual potency. They purify one’s consciousness and bring deep spiritual insight and inner happiness.

Everyone is looking for something real, lasting and fully satisfying in their life. That “something” is reconnecting to our spiritual source, to experience spiritual love. Kirtan nourishes the soul’s deepest needs by reawakening this spiritual love within our hearts. From this place of peace, love, joy and harmony, let the rest of your life unfold.

Come celebrate, meditate and let the music set you free. Join with other likeminded souls in the extraordinarily inspiring experience that is live kirtan.

Kirtan is held at Mermaid Beach on Fridays 6:30-8.00pm, and Sundays at Burleigh from 5-7:30pm.

Kirtan evenings are by donation, everyone is welcome and there is no need to book.

For more information please visit The Mantra Room

Yoga Class Prices

Meditation and Kirtan programmes are run by donation

Casual Class $12
Concession/Student Casual Class $8
5 Class Pass (valid for 2 months) $50
10 Class Pass (valid for 3 months) $95
Unlimited Monthly Pass $85

Stretch & Relax classes $8

We don’t hold classes on public holidays.

Live Kirtan At The


What Is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a dynamic sacred world music that incorporates the voices of the audience right into the performance. Kirtan is a spiritual journey, a form of bhakti yoga — the yoga of devotion. It is a simultaneously fun yet meditative activity, the heart and soul of The Mantra Room.

"I next attended The Mantra Room where a special guest Acharya Das was doing a talk on “How to Live a Successful Life”. I walked out of there that evening with a real change of where my life was going. I had to return for more ..."

~ Philippa

Kirtan Leaders

The Mantra Room features a variety of kirtan leaders and special guest artists who offer a vibrant mix of musical styles from melodic soul to foot tapping jazz, from smokey blues to enlivening rock. You are sure to find your favourite at The Mantra Room.

Amazing Vegetarian Food

The amazing vegetarian meals offered are an absolute taste sensation. Dinner is one of the highlights of the night giving you time to contemplate, socialise, and make new friends.


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ASMY Mermaid Beach

Look out for a white double door and bright yellow curtains that open up to a stairway leading to a comfortable and tranquil yoga and meditation studio. The centre is at the northern end of the shops, in between a second hand record store and a newsagents.


2241 Gold Coast Highway,
Nobby Beach shops


Phone: (07) 5554 5440
Email: gold-coast@asmy.org.au