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Yoga Cellular Cleansing

It’s amazing how refreshed you feel after you’ve been regularly practicing yoga asanas and deep breathing for some time. This is because of the squeezing and stretching, twisting and flushing processes which rejuvenate deep down into all the cells.

I always liken it to the wringing out of a dirty dish sponge followed by saturating it with clean fresh water. Through the different yoga asanas the cells get twisted, squeezed and stretched and then by adding the breath they get flooded with oxygenated blood. It’s natural for the body to need to cleanse itself. The process of cell metabolism creates waste products that continually need to be flushed away however if through unhealthy lifestyles, stress, etc. we make more waste products than we can effectively deal with we get an accumulation of toxins and impurities in and around the cells. The resulting strain put on the bodily system paves the way for all sorts of diseases, parasites and dysfunctions or even just a sluggish off peak feeling now and then.

No matter what state of health we are coming from we will always feel much better with the deep cleansing power of hatha yoga. However to get optimal cellular cleansing we need to lead a healthy lifestyle of eating, drinking, thinking and acting as purely as possible.