Warrior 1 (Virabhasana 1)

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With Anzac Day coming up let’s honour those who have been and are still involved in the brave task of protecting our country with a Warrior Pose. During the month of April please note that all past and present ADF personnel are invited to any of our meditation and yoga programs free of charge.


Cautions: As with all strong yoga poses those with high blood pressure, stroke risk and heart problems should not stay for too long in the pose.


Let’s try it:

Stand at the back of the mat with the legs parallel and hip distance apart.

Step the right foot forward to a comfortable pace without letting the left hip turn to the side

Make your back foot comfortable1

Bend your front knee so that the sides of your knee line up directly above the sides of your ankles2. To get a good stretch you might like to step further forward.

Press into all 4 corners of your feet. Inhale and lengthen your spine as you raise your arms to a vertical position3.

Stay in this position for 10 or more breaths and let your mind rest on your breath and the strength of the pose. As your stamina improves you will be able to slow down your breathing and hold the pose for longer.

Repeat on the other side and then rest in a forward bending pose.


Modifications and Thing to Check For

1, If your back calf and heel is tight you may be more comfortable if you raise your back heel and wedge a firm support like a folded blanket underneath it.

2. If your knee is knocking inwards check your hips are parallel to the front and the arch of your foot not dropping

3. If your shoulders are tight widen the arms. If you have shoulder pain keep your hands on your hips.



By Vrndavan Dasi

Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training