Tolasana (Scales Pose)

This pose builds strength in the core, shoulders, upper back and arms.  It is also a wonderful way to release tension from the back. The full pose requires you to be able to get in Lotus Pose, but to make it more available for people we will do the easy version which gives pretty much all the same results as the full version.


Weakness in wrists, shoulder injuries, pregnancy.


Releases the spinal muscles

Strengthens the arms and shoulders

Strengthens the core.


Let’s try it

Sit upright on the mat with either crossed legs (Easy Pose) or in Lotus Pose and place your arms beside you directly under your shoulders, palms flat, fingers facing forward.

Breathe in and hold your breath in as you press into your palms and lift your sitting bones off the floor. If you are in Easy Pose the feet can stay resting on floor.

Now breathe normally and keep the shoulders down while maintaining a sense of lifting from the sitting bones right up into the top of the head.

Keep your core engaged, chest broad and breathe to the bottom of your lungs.

Stay for 5 or more breaths and then come down and rest.

Repeat another 2 times.


Even if you cannot lift up off the floor, simply pressing into the hands with the intention of lifting will have a strengthening and lengthening effect.

If you can’t reach your palms flat to the floor without leaning forward, place blocks beneath them.


By Vrndavan Dasi
Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training