Sun Salute Sequence

To gain maximum benefit for the nervous system and the breath we can work the Salute Sequence in such a way that we prepare for deep slow breathing and then send the deep slow breath to all parts of the body while increasing our energy levels and soothing our nervous system at the same time.

Start you Salutes with one breath per pose and go through the sequence at least twice like this. This will help to warm up your muscles, open up your joints and prepare the chest and diaphragm for some deep breathing.  After this slow the sequence right down to spend at least ten complete yoga breaths in each pose. You will find your nervous system calms right down which is so healing for the body and mind.


Sun Salute Sequence Step by Step






Mountain Pose: Stand with the feet parallel and bring the weight to each side of the broadness of your feet and back into the heels, engage the inner thighs and pelvic floor (mula bandha), lift the sternum and open the ribcage (udiyanna bandha), lengthen up into the crown of your head. Have you hands at Namaste at your chest









Standing Back Arch: Inhale and reach back into a gentle back arch. Support your back arch with mula bandha and uddiyanna bandha.










Standing Forward Fold:  Exhale and fold forward from the hip crease keeping the front of your body nice and long. You may need to bend your knees to keep your back comfortable.











Equestrian Pose: Deeply bend your knees, flatten your back, breathe in and breathe out and step the right (or next round the left) foot back into a lunge. Take a breath in and open your chest.










Plank Pose:  Breathe out and step your foot back into Plank pose forming a straight line from your heels to your head or you may like to bring your knees to the floor. Keep your shoulders away from your ears, broaden your back and slightly rotate the upper arms.  Inhale.










Chaturanga Dandasana (low plank): Exhale and slowly lower to low plank. You may like to have your knees down for this strong pose. Inhale.












Cobra Pose:  Exhale and lower to the floor. Inhale and arch into a cobra pose. You might like to keep your elbows bent.  Support the pose with your bandhas.










Downward Facing Dog Pose: Exhale and transition to Down Dog Pose. You can come up onto your knees into table top first if you like then curl your toes under and lift up into Down Dog. Inhale.










Equestrian Pose:  Exhale and step the right foot between your hands (left foot next time through) Inhale and open your chest.











Standing Forward Fold:  Exhale and step the left (or right on next round) forward into a forward fold. Bend from the hip creases and keep your torso nice and long. You may like to bend your knees.











Standing Back Arch: Inhale and reach back into a gentle back arch. Support your back arch with mula bandha and uddiyanna bandha.












Mountain Pose: Exhale back to Namaste hands in Mountain pose and repeat the sequence this time stepping back with the left foot.