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Seated Splits – Hanumanasana


Stretches the hips and legs

Key Benefits

  • Stretches the thighs, hamstrings and groin area
  • Can alleviate sciatica


Start in an upright kneeling position. Step your right foot forward and place your hands on the floor either side of your front leg.  Slowly continue to slide the front foot forwards until you feel a pleasant sensation of tension in the hamstrings and/or groin. Keep your hips square, with your back knee pointing down to the floor (if it is rolling out, this is an indication that your hips are out of alignment).

Inhale; press down into your hands and lift through your core, drawing your navel in as you lengthen your spine upwards.

Exhale; soften a little deeper into the stretch.

Continue to inhale and exhale in this way; holding for 5 breaths, eventually building up to 15 breaths on each side.

To come out of the pose: Inhale, draw the navel in and actively lift up through your core, pressing down into your hands. Begin to bend the back knee as you slide your front leg back to the starting position.

Modifications & Variations 

  • Place a block under each hand if you can’t reach the floor
  • Place a rolled up blanket under your front thigh if your hips are close enough to the floor. This will allow you to relax into the pose and gain more flexibility.