Learn more about yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), the effects they have on the body and mind and the many health benefits that can be experienced with regular practice.

Supine Spinal Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Benefits: Releases tension from chest, shoulders and back May realign spine Relaxes nervous system Strengthens the lungs Cautions: Spinal problems including herniated discs and osteoporosis of the spine …

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Should I Close My Eyes During Yoga Exercise?

If you ever close your eyes while in a yoga pose you might feel one of two things: either wobbly and a bit unbalanced, or centered and enjoying …

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Complete your Core Support with Breathing

In a previous article I have talked about using the bandhas for core support. The bandhas provide great internal support for the core during our yoga poses and …

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Ujjayi Breathing

Having trouble sleeping? Try some ujjayi breathing from the comfort of your bed. This soft throat breath calms the nervous system not only at night but when ever …

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What Style of Yoga Asana is Right For You?

Choosing your yoga routine, whether it’s in a class situation or at home, is like choosing what to eat from a table full of many varieties of food. …

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3 Yoga Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is a time of heat and humidity especially here in Queensland. Although many people find the heat unbearable, it is actually a great time to get a …

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Sheetali (Rolled Tongue Breathing)

This simple breathing practice has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure. It also calms the mind and nervous system. It is renowned for cooling the body and …

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Standing Wide Leg Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)

This relaxing version of the standing forward fold releases spinal tension and takes the head down below the heart into a gentle, soothing inversion. In this pose we …

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3 Tips for Improving Your Balance

Often, I have people ask me how they can get better at balancing poses. I think many people will find their balance unexplainedly changes from day to day. …

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Should I Be Tucking My Tailbone?

So often in a yoga session we hear the cue ‘tuck the tailbone’ The cue is sometimes given as a general instruction but usually is given when someone …

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Tolasana (Scales Pose)

This pose builds strength in the core, shoulders, upper back and arms.  It is also a wonderful way to release tension from the back. The full pose requires …

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5 Yoga Tips to See You Through Your Work Day

Another day at work. Those of us who have a full time job will know how little time there is for everything else. Full timers spend at least …

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Grow your Core with Yoga

Broadly speaking the core of the body is the torso and all its working parts – organs, bones, muscles etc. When we talk about core strength however, we …

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Balancing Table Top (Bird/Dog Pose)

Commonly called Bird/Dog Pose, this is a beginner’s core strengthening pose which also tones the lower and upper back, the hamstrings, glutes and the arm muscles. It gives …

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Nurture your Heart with Yoga

Many people come along to yoga to relax and get rid of tension. After all, life can get so complicated, full of turmoil and even sometimes out of …

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Yoga & Gratitude

So here we are in May. Every month has something special about it, something we can feel especially grateful for. This month is special because of Mother’s Day. …

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Headstand Modifications

Let’s look at Headstand, Salamba Sirsasana, a pose which we all might like to do but which for many, is totally out of range. If we already have …

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Yoga Adds Years to Your Life & Life to Your Years

Who amongst does not want a long and healthy life? A life that’s rich and fulfilling. Days spent pursuing our passions. According to some researchers this pursuit of …

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new beginnings 2020 yoga flow dolphin childs inversions twists fun fitness exercise resolutions health wellness revolved side angle cat cow lifestyle

New Beginnings: 2020 Here We Come!

January is a time of new beginnings. It is the month we make our resolutions, when we try new things, and when we reflect on and evaluate the …

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warrior 2 grounding safety alignment health wellness asmy fitness exercise comfort flexibility workshop pose hatha asanas

Investigating Warrior 2 (Virabhasana 2)

Sometimes when I am instructing the class how to move into the Warrior 2 pose I look around the yoga room dotted with yogis of varying flexibility and …

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warrior 2 yoga asanas hatha ASMY health wellness strength stretch grounding vata beach fitness exercise fun mind body soul

Warrior 2 (Virabhasana 2)

Benefits Strengthens the legs, hips, back and shoulders Increases flexibility in the hips and shoulders Calms the nervous system if held with deep slow breathing Cautions Balance – …

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exultant warrior rejuvenation strength yoga asanas hatha asmy gold coast australia health wellness exercise healthy living lifestyle movement fitness grounding

Exultant Warrior

This is an energizing pose which expands our side ribs helping to open spaces in our lungs that might not have been reached for a long time. You …

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Make the Most of Spring

Spring and the weather is warming up! I love it when there is a warmth to the atmosphere and the breeze is gentle and caressing, a little delicate …

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Defy Gravity with Yoga

In our everyday language we talk about being, ‘depressed’,  ‘weighed down’ and  ‘carrying the load of the world on our shoulders’ – all terms we use to describe …

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a yoga guide to winter wellness asmy ygoa asanas hatha sun salutes cobra lymph detox anatomy health wellness fitness exercise lifestyle australia gold coast meditation ygoa wisdom philosophy mindfulness

A Yoga Guide to Winter Wellness

In our plans about how to keep well for winter how many of us consider the lymphatic system? Many of us don’t really know what it does! Well …

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5 tips for becoming mroe flexible asanas yoga asmy gold coast australia fitness health wellness self-care hatha heat hydration warmth mindful minfulness stretching relax relaxation

5 Tips for Becoming More Flexible

You may have noticed that some people are naturally very flexible. They swoop into their lunges with effortless ease, their forward bends are deep folds and their back …

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hamstring pnf stretching yoga asanas asmy gold coast australia strengthen stretch effective health wellness exercise self-care workout

Hamstring PNF Stretching

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is a way of stretching, which involves both the stretching and contracting of the muscle group being targeted. It is said to be one of …

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mountain pose dynamic immune system winter seasons health wellness yoga asanas exercise asmy deep breathing pranayama

Dynamic Extended Mountain

This exercise is great to do out in the fresh air first thing in the morning or it can be used as an energy recharge throughout the day. …

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yoga asanas breathing pranayama asmy meditation vagus nerve grounded wellness health habits focus calm stress relief yogis mindfulness

Subtleties in Yoga Breathing

This week I made the discovery that simply blocking the ears during a particular breathing pose had an almost opposite result to the same breathing pose done without …

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five tibetan rites clarity yoga asanas hatha tradition monks energy boosting energizing morning practice health wellness fitness exercise asmy refreshing mindfulness back core full version

Five Tibetan Rites Part 2

Find Part 1 here!   5 Tibetan Rites Full Version Traditionally attributed to ancient monks living in the harsh conditions of the cold rocky Tibetan mountains, these five …

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The Act of Breathing

  The respiratory system is a collection of passageways thats function is to filter and carry air into the lungs via the unconscious and instinctive act of breathing. It …

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five tibetan rites clarity yoga asanas hatha tradition monks energy boosting energizing morning practice health wellness fitness exercise asmy refreshing mindfulness back core

Five Tibetan Rites – Yoga Asanas for Clarity

Tradition has it that these 5 poses were adopted by Tibetan monks to keep them strong and living long. Whether that’s true or not they certainly are a …

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happy new year 2019 yoga way troubles anxiety happiness present future past goals bucket list health wellness yoga asanas asmy meditation peace happiness light dark resolutions lifestyle mindulness

How to Ensure a Happy New Year The Yoga Way

What’s on your happiness bucket list this year? I bet its not hard to make one! But what is hard is to find is a way of keeping …

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yoga christmas asmy yoga asanas habit holiday festive health wellness lifestyle fitness salute to the moon gold coast australia

3 Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Practice

Yoga at Christmas time, is there a place for it? Here in Australia Christmas time brings hot, hot summer days and nights, full tummies and days filled with …

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salute to the moon sequence yoga pose pic

Salute to the Moon

Sustain your yoga habit with this easy flow to free up your energy pathways and start or end your day with a soft radiance. Find the video here! …

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yoga help fight depression health wellness mental health asmy australia studies anxiety self esteem mindfulness asanas hatha

Can Yoga Help Fight Depression?

All it takes is an hour or so on your mat on a regular basis to feel uplifted!  In fact many studies using written questions to assess the …

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lion pose simhasana reduce wrinkles strengthen voice health wellness yoga asanas hatha asmy australia fun practice flow

Lion Pose – Simhasana

Lion Pose invokes a feeling of light-hearted playfulness.  This silly looking pose is also said to strengthen the voice, reduce wrinkles of the face and neck, benefit the …

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Brahmari Breathing

Studies have found that Brahmari breathing increases the release of nitric oxide in the sinuses, helping to reduce painful inflammation of the sinuses. Other studies have concluded that …

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balancing spring energy with breath grounding lightness inhale exhale hatha yoga vrndavan dasi veda yoga teacher gold coast asmy nature seasons health fitness wellness pranayama

How to Balance Your Spring Energy with Breath

Spring is here, awakening within it sparkling new beginnings.  A time to grow, to renew and to discover. A time also that needs balance, steadiness and nurturing, because …

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extended side angle pose warrior strength back hips grounded balancing spring refresh yoga asanas hatha flow asmy gold coast australia vrndavan dasi veda yoga teacher

Extended Side Angle Pose

This is a heating pose that has multiple benefits. It is very strengthening for the legs, hips, back and shoulder muscles and strengthens the core as well. Importantly …

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