Learn more about yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), the effects they have on the body and mind and the many health benefits that can be experienced with regular practice.

brahmari breathing pranayama yoga asanas pre meditation asmy gold coast australia health wellness focus balance calm relaxation deep peace practice mindfulness

Brahmari Breathing

Studies have found that Brahmari breathing increases the release of nitric oxide in the sinuses, helping to reduce painful inflammation of the sinuses. Other studies have concluded that …

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balancing spring energy with breath grounding lightness inhale exhale hatha yoga vrndavan dasi veda yoga teacher gold coast asmy nature seasons health fitness wellness pranayama

How to Balance Your Spring Energy with Breath

Spring is here, awakening within it sparkling new beginnings.  A time to grow, to renew and to discover. A time also that needs balance, steadiness and nurturing, because …

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extended side angle pose warrior strength back hips grounded balancing spring refresh yoga asanas hatha flow asmy gold coast australia vrndavan dasi veda yoga teacher

Extended Side Angle Pose

This is a heating pose that has multiple benefits. It is very strengthening for the legs, hips, back and shoulder muscles and strengthens the core as well. Importantly …

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open your yoga heart backbends heart opening chakras flow asmy margaret doyle vrndavan dasi yoga meditation happiness soul self wellness spirituality love vulnerability poses joy nature

Opening Our Yoga Heart

The heart is the sitting place of the soul. This is where, deep within the body, the living entity resides. For so long we may have built thick …

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pros cons hot yoga winter warmtn asmy health wellness asanas breath prana stretch

Pros and Cons of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga sounds very tempting to me in these cool winter months where every flash of warmth is cherished lovingly. A growing number of people however love hot …

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shoulder exercises 3 warmth health wellness posture yoga asanas asmy hatha gold coast australia exercise joints mobility practice warmth winter

3 Warming Shoulder Stretches for Winter

Before you do your yoga asanas it’s a good idea to do some warming exercises like joint mobilities first to loosen up your joints and increase the heat …

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World Yoga Day

World Yoga Day 2018

Hosted by the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, Yoga Day Festival is Australia’s biggest, longest running celebration of World Yoga Day. Growing in size each year, Australia’s …

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the happy yogi asmy australia happiness joy anxiety relief concentration focus asanas meditation breathing health wellness holistic mantras music benefits celebration thankfulness bliss gratitude

The Happy Yogi

Yoga is more than a great stretch. Much, much more. Let’s look at some of the wonderful benefits of all aspects of yoga and celebrate this wonderful gift …

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warrior 2 yoga asanas exercise strength dance flow series health wellness asmy australia gold coast

Warrior 2 Series

Based on Warrior 2, this series of movements helps to open the hips and chest. It creates space in the lower back and waist and enhances our breathing. …

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back pain yoga asanas health wellness asmy australia fitness practice yoga asanas

How You Can Prevent Back Pain with Yoga

It is estimated that over a lifetime there’s an 80% chance of developing back pain. Some back pain passes quickly never to be seen again but all too …

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bandhas yoga asanas asmy health wellness core back energy fitness abs

2 Energizing Bandhas for Core Support

Bandhas Bandhas are energy locks. They are ways of holding the muscles, so that energy moves in an upwards direction. They can be performed with strength as in …

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a well balanced yoga ritual asmy asanas health wellness flows relaxation meditation classes challenge fun exercise fitness spirituality commonwealth games

A Well Balanced Yoga Ritual

Early April and the Commonwealth Games are upon us. Sounds like it could be hard to get anywhere! What about our yoga practice? It’s the perfect time to …

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warrior 1 yoga asana asmy health wellness strength tone relaxation body mind exercise fitness

Warrior 1 (Virabhasana 1)

With Anzac Day coming up let’s honour those who have been and are still involved in the brave task of protecting our country with a Warrior Pose. During …

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yoga asanas pose health wellness exercise mind body soul breathing asmy gold coast australia staff pose

Beginners Pendant Staff Pose (Lola-dandasana)

Here’s a great pose for desk workers, manual labourers, and anyone who is not gifted with great posture. This pose is an anti-slouch recipe that strengthens our arms, …

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summer yoga relaxing stretches yin wellness health asmy fitness asanas mindfulness lifestyle

Tips & Inspiration for Your Summer Yoga Practice

Did you start off the year with good yoga intentions which are slowly dwindling? Summer is a time of intense heat and humidity especially here in Queensland, which …

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yoga meditation asanas asmy lifestyle health wellness

5 Yoga Poses to Inspire New Beginnings

2018 HERE WE COME! January is a time of new beginnings. It is the month we make our resolutions, when we try new things, and when we reflect …

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mudras meditation asmy yoga wellness health balance mindfulness

Simple Mudras for Meditation

A hand mudra is a gesture usually used in meditation practices to help direct the energy towards the brain. Because each of the fingers are said to symbolise …

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sun salute yoga asanas asmy health wellness energy nervous system exercise

Sun Salute Sequence

To gain maximum benefit for the nervous system and the breath we can work the Salute Sequence in such a way that we prepare for deep slow breathing …

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yoga asanas outdoors summer beach asmy gold coast lifestyle health wellness

Taking Your Asanas Outdoors

Isn’t it lovely that the weather is warming up! In Queensland we have a wonderfully mild winter, and the hardy souls only usually drop swimming for a couple …

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spring refresh detox asmy yoga asanas classes health wellness gold coast lifestyle

Springtime Refresh with Yoga

Spring is seen as a time to detox; of cleansing away the excesses of winter comfort foods and helping the body reach new heights of energy and freshness. …

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Three Reasons to Take up a Yoga Practice

1. Physical Well-being – Yoga asanas (poses or exercises) do so many amazing things to your body, I could be here all day explaining just a few of …

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meditation yoga asanas spiritual asmy mantra room

Are Yoga Asanas Spiritual?

One time a student asked, ‘How can I spiritualise my yoga asana practice? Are yoga asanas and pranayam intrinsically spiritual?’ Yoga asanas are not intrinsically spiritual, but they …

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yoga winter unity gold coast asanas health wellness

Boost Your Immunity with Yoga

You always know winter’s here when people start getting sick! In fact my son and his family are wading their way through a stomach flu while my daughter …

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Breathing Exercises

Kapalbhati Breathing

As the weather cools down for the winter months we can use this breath to help warm us up. It also keeps us alert and lifts our energy. …

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Celebrating All Things Yoga

Life is full of ups and downs. Let yoga be one of your ups! Yoga in all of its variety of practices including asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation …

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Shoulder Stand for Restoration

What is a great pose this month for Mums? Gosh every pose is wonderful! Mums need to be strong and flexible and relaxed. Everything that the whole gamut …

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sore tired eyes

We Even Need Yoga for the Eyes

Sore and tired eyes from too much screen time? Needing to wear glasses to read now that you’ve been eyeing that screen on and off for the last …

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ASMY short sightedness exercises

Eye Exercises

Just like all the other muscles in our body the eye muscles respond very well to a little exercise each day especially if we strain them by spending …

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Join Australia’s Biggest Yoga Party!

Rock Your Asana at YOGA DAY FESTIVAL BRISBANE! Brisbane! It’s time to rock your asana and get involved in Australia’s most vibrant yoga festival. Scheduled for June 18th …

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Phases of the Moon Sequence

While the influence of the sun is felt strongly in the change of seasons and in the passing of the daylight from dawn till dusk, the influence of …

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anxiety yoga meditation asmy

Yoga Techniques for Anxiety

Find deep peace within with these simple yoga practices for Anxiety. Anxiety is all too common. So common in fact that it is showing up more and more …

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Swap the Morning Coffee with Yoga Asanas for a Natural High!

Do you drag yourself out of bed each morning stiff and grumpy and head straight for the coffee? Yep that used to be me. I was a complete and utter …

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NEW CLASS! Monday Morning Flow (Gold Coast)

We are really excited to announce that we have a new class starting at Nobby Beach! Our kind and compassionate Carolyn will be offering an early 6am class …

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A Yoga Game For Children – Rock/Archway/Bridge

For this game you need 4 or more people and some space. The children get into either one or more groups of four and line up. The first …

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Sitali – Rolled Tongue Breathing

This breathing practice cools the body and calms the mind. It also induces our muscles to relax and is said to help reduce blood pressure and acid stomach.  …

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Cooling Asanas for the Hot Summer Months

Summer is a time of heat and humidity especially here in Queensland. Mostly people try to avoid it by either staying in air conditioning or swimming. The really …

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Bow Pose (Dhanurāsana) and Variations

Bow & Variations Stretches the front of the body Key Benefits Opens the chest and shoulders Stimulates the nervous system Stretches the spine Lengthens the entire front of the …

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Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana)

Key Benefits Stretches the thighs, groin and buttocks/glutes Opens the chest and shoulders Stimulates the abdominal organs Instructions From Down Dog, Step your right foot to your left …

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Cobbler Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Key Benefits Stretches the hips and inner thighs Opens the groins Instructions Sit with your spine long and straight. Draw the soles of your feet together and allow …

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Cat (Marjaryasana) Cow (Bitilasana)

Key Benefits Massages the abdominal organs; promotes digestion Stretches the spine and abdominals Can be useful in relieving backache Instructions Come on to all fours. Align your wrists …

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