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Kapalbhati A pranayama technique to clear and awaken your brain


-Clears the sinuses

-Wards off symptoms of ageing

-Cleanses and awakens ajna (3rd eye chakra)

-Creates a sense of alertness.

Kapalbhati reverses the regular breathing process by making the inhalation passive and the exhalation active. When done so at a rapid speed, this exercise stimulates the nerves and associated centers in the brain. 

To perform this shatkarma, sit in a comfortable position with a long spine, hands in chin mudra, eyes softly closed. Be very still as you begin taking air in through the nostrils, placing emphasis on the exhalation. The inhalations will occur quickly and without effort.

Repeat for 3 rounds of 50-100 breaths (you will have to build up to this if you’ve never practiced this style of breathing before).

After each round, inhale and retain the breath for as long as possible comfortably possible (without straining).