Exultant Warrior

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This is an energizing pose which expands our side ribs helping to open spaces in our lungs that might not have been reached for a long time. You can wake up your body by waking up your breath! It also creates space in the sides of our torso releasing pressure from our internal organs. Wake up the organs too! As you perform the pose visualize the spine lengthening as you gently bend over the back leg. Visualize the triumphant warrior that it is named after. The energy is going both ways. The sky is the limit as you reach upwards and you are steadily grounding into the earth.

Let’s try it:

  1. Stand with the feet wide apart and the front foot facing towards the end of the mat. The front knee is bent with the knee directly above the ankles and facing straight ahead.
  2. The pelvis opens wide towards the side of the mat with the back foot slightly angled inwards.
  3. Find stability in the feet by engaging into the front and back foot evenly. The shoulders are directly above the hips and the front and back of the pelvis drawing in towards each other
  4. Raise the front arm and lower the other arm down the back leg.
  5. Keep the shoulders  in line with the hips and turn your gaze towards the front arm. Breathe in and feel the lightness of the pose as you lengthen your torso upwards, breathe out and feel the support of your firmly planted feet. On another breath in feel the expansion of the pelvis and shoulders and on the outward breath soften into your base.
  6. Continue for 2 -5 breaths.


By Vrndavan Dasi

Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training