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Cat Tilt

Cat Tilt

Warms and tones the spine

Key Benefits

Massages the abdominal organs and therefore promotes digestion

Stretches the spine and the abdominals

Come down on to the hands and knees. Make sure the wrists are directly  under the shoulders and the knees are aligned with the hips. Inhale as you gently tilt the pelvis to the floor and make a wave like motion as you drop the belly down and lift the chest and the chin towards the sky. Create space between the neck and shoulders.

Now for the duration of the exhalation, reverse this motion by lowering the chin to the chest and rounding the back. Pull the belly button right up and in to the spine.

Let the breath take you form cat to dog- inhaling into cat, exhaling into dog. Repeat 5 or so times.

Rocket Cat 

Stretches the shoulders and chest

Key Benefits

Stretches the abdomen, chest and shoulders

Tones the spine

Is energizing and helpful for relieving fatigue


Come down on to on all fours; wrists under your shoulders, knees under your hips. Tuck your toes under; inhaling, walk your hands as far forward as you can, maintaining the alignment of your hips over your heels. Feet are hips distance apart; hands are just beyond shoulder width apart. The first finger is running forwards, the rest of the fingers and thumbs are spread out wide. Lift your sitting bones high, draw your inner thighs up, and aim to flatten your low back.

Exhale; your spine is long, the belly is drawing up and in, and there is plenty of space between your neck and shoulders. Allow your head to hang heavy towards the floor; close your eyes.

Inhale and exhale, consciously alternating between stretching and softening.

Hold for as long as is comfortable.

To come out of the pose: exhaling, take your buttocks to your heels and lengthen back into Extended pose of the Child.

Modification’s & Variations

Place a yoga block or pillow under your head to encourage a deep sense of relaxation in the pose.