3 Step Sequence to Enhance Breathing

There are many things to focus on when we are doing our yoga poses These three poses put the upper body in positions that will give room for your ribs to expand so you can extend your lung capacity.  In this sequence try focusing on breathing into your expanded ribcage.

Take your time and if you can chill out for 10 – 20 breaths in each of the poses. This will help you gain more energy and have clearer thinking and endurance both on and off the mat

Warrior 2

Once you are comfortable and relaxed in the pose on each slow inward breath try focusing on expanding the rib cage equally on both sides as well as front and back. Keep the outward breath slow also otherwise you might ger a little dizzy.

Extended Side Angle

Because we are staying in the pose for so long try the easier version where you are resting your hand or forearm on your thigh. In this pose you are lengthening the side ribs. Feel these ribs expanding on each inward breath

Exultant Warrior

Keep your core supportive as you inhale into a deep opening of the ribs in this pose

Repeat Warrior 2 and feel if the expansion of your rib cage has been enhanced.


By Vrndavan Dasi
Founder and Principal of Veda Yoga Teacher Training