Are you Looking for more than just an Exercise Class?

Take the holistic approach to yoga and move not only

toward physical, but also mental and spiritual wellbeing!


As a holistic yoga studio, ASMY offers yoga classes which include a wonderful balance of asanas (exercises), Pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation.

The Physical Benefits

Yoga asanas, do so much more than most other forms of exercise, not only do they increase flexibility, stretch away tightness and tension and strengthen and tone your muscles, but they also balance hormones, increase digestion and flush all the internal systems in the body, cleansing and detoxifying them.

In every class we'll also take some time out for one of the most important things we can do for our body, relaxation. This is something we often don't take seriously but is essential to allow the body to revitalise, regenerate re-energise and restore.

The Mental Benefits

Pranayama (breathing techniques) will increase the health and wellbeing of the body and along with meditation techniques will improve focus and help calm and quieten the active, often overstimulated mind.

The Spiritual Benefits

Meditation will help you to become self-realised, allowing  you to find that inner-peace, satisfaction, joy and harmony that is so lacking, yet so sought after in this modern world.

The Gift of Meditation

If you are interested in learning more about meditation, we offer all our meditation classes by donation as we feel that meditation is a gift that everyone should be able to receive.  We have meditation workshops, deep peace fully guided sessions and kirtan meditation evenings.



If you haven't experienced a yoga asana class at our West End studio before why not take us up on our special offer of a

1 month unlimited class pass for $49

Just mention this offer when you arrive at your first class.

This offer MUST be purchased on or before your FIRST visit.


Find the right class for you!

There is no need to book for any of our yoga asana classes you can simply turn up, however if you haven't been to one of our classes before, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out a safety questionnaire.

For more info view our up-to-date timetable and our yoga pricing to help you decide which pass will be most suitable.