Within Time, Beyond Time – The Journey of the Soul


From the time of our birth we are chased by time. The saying “Time is money” has 2 meanings.The meaning of that phrase for someone who is operating “Within Time” is, “Why I am wasting time when I could be making money?” But there is a different meaning for a person who is endeavouring to live “Beyond Time” I cannot buy back even a second of time for millions of dollars, therefore time is more valuable than any amount of money, because once its gone, its gone forever. Therefore there is a difference in the pursuits of those Within Time, to those Beyond Time. In the Bhagavad Gita it is described as the “Vision of Eternity”

Join Hari Rama Das on this ultimate journey of self discovery. Hari Rama Das has studied, lectured on and applied in his own personal life the essential truths of the timeless Vedic wisdom for over 40 years. His talks are engaging and thought provoking and he possesses the rare ability to communicate complicated ideas in way that is relevant and logical. Although he possess a wealth of knowledge, he is humble and speaks from his heart and this is why he is able to connect to people so well. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

Sunday 1 May 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm Registration
The Mantra Room at Fradgley Hall
Cnr Park Ave & Gold Coast Hwy Burleigh Heads
Includes beautiful kirtan and delicious vege meal ($5)