The Journey of Self Discovery Series

Join the lovely Gopala dasi from our Adelaide centre for a 3 part series on the journey of self discovery . We may question what is the journey of self discovery? It is enlightenment through yoga wisdom where we actually explore who we are, why we are here, what is this world is about and what is our purpose and meaning.


Part 1 – Understanding our Identity

Many of us come to a crossroads in our life where we question, is this what my life is really all about? We begin to wonder, where do I fit and who am I really? This is such an important question for us to ask because we all want to be happy but how we identify ourselves actually determines where we are going to look for our happiness and our satisfaction.


Part 2 – Are we in Control?

How much control do we really have? Everyone wants to have control in their life hoping that this will bring them great happiness. We have our plans and ideas of what we think will work to bring us more happiness and contentment in life.


Part 3 – An Introduction to Karma & Reincarnation

Re means again, incarnate means to be inside flesh in blood.  Reincarnation means to be again inside flesh and blood and take on a material body.  Often it is difficult to understand how reincarnation works when we identify with the material body.