Making Time for the Self – Me Time

We all know how important it is to take time out from our busy lifestyles, and take a much needed break ; and have some “Me Time” .  The me time we take though,  unfortunately often only gives us a little temporary break till all the responsibilities of life pop up again.

Having “Me time” is definitely a wonderful way to refresh and re-vitalize , but the Me we identify with, and attempt to look after, is not founded on ancient wisdom. Modern day “me time” is all based on some type of pleasure and pampering, based on thinking l am my mind, or body, and there seats of stimulation  – the senses.

The material body can be likened to a sophisticated machine, with various parts and systems within, that require maintenance and regular service. Much like a house, a car or any other of our vital assets. We should do what is required to keep them running optimally, but this is not the purpose of life.

This is the same with the body we posses and carry around , we do the maintenance required , without over endeavouring, so it can serve me to achieve the real purpose of life – spiritual emancipation.

From the yoga perspective , when we say “ me “ or “ me time” , it refers to person living within the body, known as the atma – the self. The living being who controls the body , and is able to watch the fickle mind and it’s myriad of thoughts, desires and illusions. All of our stress , anxieties and worries stem from the body and mind.

“ Me Time” can be perfectly accessed through the recommended meditation practice for this age – mantra meditation.  This ancient practice helps to deliver us, from the tight knot covering, the mind has upon us. Our minds constantly undermine our quality of life, bringing up negative thoughts and feelings, which make us feel helpless and frustrated.

When we place our focus on these sacred sounds we feel spiritually nourished and satisfied. This positive influence helps us to manage our inner turmoil and deal with the fast paced outside world. Nourishing the self means to understand who l am on a deeper level, and to apply this wisdom in our daily life. This brings about an inner peace and nourishment that cannot be experienced through stimulating the senses and the mind.

There is a beautiful example of a young princess who had a pet bird, who was kept in a golden cage. The princess kept the cage in immaculate condition,  keeping it shiny and glistening. But she neglected looking after the bird within. The bird gradually dwindled away. This is reflective of us , as we spend much time and effort maintaining our bodies, but neglect to nourish the person within.

Only through a bona-fide practice of meditation can we actually truly experience a deeper sense of fulfilment and purpose, which is in connection with truly understanding who we are , and our deeper transcendental needs.  If you just want a little time away to chill and un-wind, this can also be fulfilled.  By adding these practices on a regular basis we will naturally become more and more attracted to engaging deeper into these life transforming tools.