Tribal Flow is a dynamic, flowing Dance fusion practised to the healing vibrations of the Voice, Didgeridoo and Tribal Percussion, guaranteed to boost your energy levels, wipe stress from your body, put a smile on your face and leave you feeling amazing!

Join Gopali Dasi and the Tribe for flowing dance moves, groovy tunes, fun, freedom and flow. This experience is open to all and it can be adapted to whatever you need…. we always encourage all those who come to come with an open mind but to also enjoy the experience, everyone is so welcome to adapt the movement according to their bodies.. to just rest when it feels good to rest and simply enjoy the sound… to let go and dance, to feel complete freedom… this is a space of non judgement.. no expectation…. full permission to be you… in the moment…..Let go, find your flow, dance your own dance.

Look forward to flowing with you all at Chant for Peace!