bigtingMy yoga asana practice started from 10 years ago, however, my true yoga journey started only two years ago when I joined ASMY. The discovery of spiritual part of yoga opened a whole new amazing world for me. Asana practice helped me build up a stronger physical body while the meditation and mindfulness brought enormous peace into my life dissolving the stress and concerns, slowly transforming me into a person who always feels grateful and humble to life. Yoga has become such a warm and relaxed resort for my heart.

I got inspired and decided to become a yoga teacher in order to share my understanding of what yoga truly is with as many people as possible. This changed me even more than I have ever imagined. Safety and self-awareness are the priorities of my class as myself is a good demonstration of inappropriate practice without being aware of my own body years ago. Therefore, in my class, I would like everyone to open their internal dialogue to make sure that challenging the body and having fully awareness are going hand in hand. Looking forward to seeing you at ASMY and exploring the wonderful yoga world together with me. Namaste.