I began my Yoga journey in 2001 when a few health issues rose to impede my body. After the first class I knew this was the missing piece in my life, I was so ill my teacher had to modify each pose, but I knew it was the medicine that I needed. I have been on the road of discovery ever since.

From there after practising several times a week I also began an everyday home practice & then felt the calling to do a Yoga teacher training course 7 years later. I came to find mantra meditation in 2014 & this has made my yoga practice complete.

I draw from the many asana teachers that I have had the privilege to learn from over the years & my influences draw from the many styles I have been taught.

I believe the student will find a suitable teacher when the time suits & I always work with the classes’ energy & give variations of postures so that everyone can make the choice for themselves which level of intensity suits for that particular day. I incorporate movements to massage the nerve & acupuncture meridians to help keep the body holistically healthy to assist in removing blockages both physically & energetically.

I am forever grateful that I discovered Yoga as the practice is a consistent support in my life & I am truly humbled to be a teacher of such a beautiful process. I would like to thank my existing students for their encouragement & dedication.

Much love