Kirtan Leader, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Teacher

Namaste 🙏 my name is Sean ( Nityananda das). I began  practicing yoga and meditation with ASMY 25 years ago.

I first started meditation to help me to gain more mental strength for my sporting pursuits. When l commenced my body was injured and sore, and mentally l knew that my life was out of balance.
I started with Kirtan and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the friendly vibe of those who attended. I had tried other forms of meditation but found them too difficult to perform regularly and they seemed too austere. The kirtan wasn’t like this as it was fun and the music side appealed to me. Kirtan is a regular part of my day , practicing it at home and meeting up with friends and like minded people during week nights.
As a hatha Yoga teacher with ASMY , l enjoy the interaction with the students and the sense of friendship that results. Hatha yoga is a great tonic for the modern day person helping them to stay in tune both physically and mentally. It has helped me immensely and look forward to many more years of study, practice and application.