Meditation Teacher

Madana first began her journey into meditation and yoga over twenty years ago. Today she teaches yoga in her role as a special education teacher and has taught meditation and life improvement workshops  over the years in various cities across Australia. She is a mother of four children ranging in age from 10 to 21. Marie attributes the ability to be able to balance a demanding job with many of the other roles she has, with her daily meditation practice.

We often hear about ‘balance’ in our lives but balance is not just about satisfying our external needs.  Although we undoubtedly gain fulfilment from our work successes, from the material gains we make in life, from seeing our children grow up and so on, I was drawn to meditation as I wanted to know the real meaning of inner personal fulfilment. The recognition of our inner need seems to be something greatly ignored in our society – particularly more so in this day and age of information overload, constantly feeling the need to be digitally connected – we lose that connection with the importance of nurturing our inner need. Through mediation, a person comes to connect and understand that their inner needs are just as important, if not more so, than their external needs. Without this connection, many people experience anxiety and increasing levels of stress. Meditation teaches a person about mind-body-spirit connection.  Real balance is not only meeting the body’s needs but also the needs of the spirit within. This is achieved through meditation.

By practicing meditation on a daily basis one is able to tap into that inner reservoir of tranquility and strength which develops through one’s regular practice. This is what enables me to manage stress in my work and deal with other challenges in life. Many people say that they don’t have time, but it is a question of priorities. If you know something is going to give you great benefit, then just like exercise, you allocate time to do it. Meditation has a high priority in my life. I practice it daily.  It benefits not only myself personally, but also other people around me; I am able to be more tolerant and understanding.”