Yoga Teacher

My yoga Journey began in 2014 when I was 23 years old. I was searching for the meaning of life after I graduated from university when I discovered the volunteer program at a Meditation Centre in South Korea. Here I started to serve others and know discover myself. I’ve been practicing meditation and yoga ever since I found the heartful and mindful way of life at the Korean Yoga centre. It was at this centre that I met yoga teachers who inspired me to live harmoniously with all living beings as well as myself and planted the seed to become a yoga teacher.

I traveled to Australia in December of 2017 and knew that I wanted to take my practice farther so I took a yoga teacher training course at Veda yoga and fell even more in love with yoga as the practice allows me to continually learn something new about myself. My yoga style could be called moving meditation. I want people in my class to take a time to deeply connect with themselves and find awareness of their breathing and body sensation. I focus on mindful, slow and flow movement which shapes the mind, body and spirit and is integrated and grounding. When I am not on my mat, I’m camping, hiking, drawing and spending time with the little kids at ASMY West End.

Warm wishes,

Jade Lee