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Yoga Teacher

I took up yoga later in life after many years of doing everything but yoga – tai chi, belly dancing, gym, karate, pilates.  I used to think how could just siting around on the floor doing a bit of twisting and stretching possibly do any good – how wrong I was!

My particular interest is to bring yoga to those who never thought yoga was for them. There are any number of classes out there taught by and catering to the young and the fit.  Believe me, when I first decided to have a go at yoga the stereotype of the super fit, super flexible – and dare I say young and slim 🙂 – teacher was large in my mind and sadly, over the years attending many different classes I’ve found it all too evident.  In the youth-oriented society we live in these factors can be all too intimidating to those who stand to gain the most from a yoga practice.

Many of the problems we suffer from in the west such as circulatory disorders, degenerative conditions such as arthritis, stress related problems, and digestive complaints are the result of a lack of exercise, poor eating habits and shallow breathing and do not have to be part of our lives.

It is my greatest pleasure to introduce every body that comes through the door to the benefits of yoga – calming the mind and reducing stress, increasing strength, stamina, flexibility, and agility, improved posture, and better digestion and quality of sleep.