Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey started when I was a teenager. My Mom introduced me to this beautiful world of yoga. I mainly went to yoga (besides enjoying some Mom and daughter time) because of my congenital spine problem: structural scoliosis. As a high school student, my back was aching due to excessive sitting and stress. However, I found much more in yoga rather than being only a physical aid. Yoga showed me a way to effectively release stress, get through hardships in life and lit a path to get to know my true self. Soon I decided that I wanted to continue this journey and become a yoga teacher to spread love and healing to people.

I attended a yoga teacher training in Dublin, Ireland in 2015, soon after moving to that mystical (and windy!) part of the Earth. After moving back to my homeland (Hungary), I started working in the corporate area, where I noticed back aching and super stressed people around me. This reinforced my vision to teach yoga in a way that supports modern people living a seated and stressed lifestyle. That’s why I continued to train to be able to teach in a more spine-health conscious way. And that is why I consider slowing down, finding some still moments and just be with our breath to be very important to effectively release stress and restore.

In the classes I teach, students can find themselves in a calming environment, where they can let go of their worries while progressing in their journey through yoga in a safe way. We
build a better body and mind awareness, feel more connected and balanced with ourselves while moving, flowing, breathing, resting, meditating. My preferred teaching style is Hatha
yoga in a slow flowing way, where I also introduce some poses and flows for a better spine health. Pranayama also gets high emphasis with some creative techniques.

I am forever grateful to be able to teach at this amazing centre.
Hope to see you in my classes!