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Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher

My name is Chantelle and I’ve been practicing yoga and Meditation for the past 10 years and teaching for 6 of them. Gosh time flys when you are having fun! My journey began at a point in my life where I was questioning certain aspect of life; I considered myself a fortunate person; great family, traveled the world, good group of friends, University qualification, working in an area I was passionate about YET I still felt unhappy within, in my hearts of hearts there was an inner emptiness, a yearning that was manifesting in different way in my life. I first thought I was not being appreciative for what I had in my life, after all, the things I did have was what society tells us will make us happy. As a result of early signs of work burnout I seeked a solution to the on-going stress in my daily life from working in crisis intervention with homeless young people in the heart of the Valley and with that came the answer to my questions.

I got inspired to study to became a yoga teacher so that I could share with others the physical and mental benefits of yoga as it helped me so much with my work burnout, but primarily it was the spiritual benefits and daily meditation practices that transformed me from the inside out and which drives me to be an ambassador for this lifestyle with all those I meet.

You can find me on the mat each Wednesday for a dynamic Hatha yoga class in West End. I try to take great care in facilitating an experience for people that supports their needs in that present moment and allows them to take a journey; to enter into an experience on their mat that transport them beyond the temporary stress and worries of this world and from our physical bodies and minds. I look forward to connecting with you at a class soon.

Best Wishes Chantelle.