Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher

I fell in love with Australia and meditation 15 years ago while travelling, solo and not speaking a word of English in this magnificent and huge country. Life threw many challenges at me and that’s when meditation helped me to focus and kept me moving foward trusting my inner intuition. This trip was a life changing.

After a few years in Australia, I went back to France for 12 years and travelled back and forth until 2017 when I moved back to Australia permanently. After having a regular meditation practice for 15 years, I’m now also teaching yoga and am passionate about sharing these methods. Waling into ASMY literally changed my life!

I am a nurturer and have a loving nature. I’m full of energy and will make you laugh with my french accent! I’m multi passionate, studying restoratuve yoga and on my way to become a ayurvedic welness coach. I deeply love what I do and can’t wait to share it with you.

My vision: Practicing yoga and meditation helps you achieve balance no matter what happens. That inspires me to share my practice and how it changed my life by cultivating inner peace and awarness.