Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher

Yoga is more than just movement and meditation is more than just stilling the mind.

When I have come across difficult times in my life I have always found strength, peace and resilience in yoga and meditation. For many years it has been my go to. Eventually I found myself wanting to learn more and deepen my practise. This is what lead me to undertake the Veda Yoga Teacher Training course with ASMY. I didn’t intend to become a yoga teacher initially, but something inside me told me to just give it a try. I have spent many years working as a health care professional in service of others, and it came naturally to want to offer yoga and meditation too. If there is a way I can give someone else a moment of strength, peace and resilience it would be a gift unto me as well.

I love being a yoga teacher and I am passionate about bringing sound healing into meditation. Somehow the universe put singing bowls in my life and I love the effect these beautiful sounds have during meditation. If you wish to experience this, come to my yoga classes and look out for the Sound Healing Meditation workshops at ASMY Mermaid Beach.