Shannen - Australian School of Meditation & Yoga | ASMY


Yoga Teacher

My journey to yoga started with casual asana classes in high school with one of the
wonderful teachers from ASMY. I enjoyed the kirtan at the end of the class and was
invited to the kirtan meditation and wisdom talk classes. It was here, at 19, that I
learnt I was more than just the physical body; that I was a soul connected to the
energy in all living things, and my perspective of myself, others and the world shifted.
I regularly enjoyed yoga asana and kirtan on and off as I travelled for years and lived
working snow seasons.
When I was 24, after returning home, I began my studies into the true meaning and
teachings of yoga and It is such a blessing to be able to now teach in this beautiful
studio where my spiritual unfolding began.
My classes are gently paced, designed to release tension from the body with an
emphasis on body awareness and breath awareness, and are rooted with a deep
intention to connect with the self through the body and the breath.