Cherie - Australian School of Meditation & Yoga | ASMY


Yoga Teacher

Yoga initially found me about 15 years ago when I was dragged along by a friend. At the time I didn’t take it up regularly as I was too busy with long distance running, cycling, hiking and travelling the world but I was still very much drawn to the essence of it, occasionally going to a class here or there.

A few years ago I stumbled across ASMY as I had recalled a time in my life where chanting really resonated with me. I was primarily seeking to calm my restless mind and body after a stressful few years of competitive running, raising a family and running a business. I was making myself physically sick with anxiety. The profound sense of deep peace and love I experienced through japa meditation and kirtan was just WOW! About six weeks in from this, it seemed a natural progression to then hit the mat again and seriously make yoga asana part of my life and truly I haven’t looked back. It grounded me and brought me back to a place of balance. All this combined I discovered I had been craving this all along. I was inspired by the devoted teachers at ASMY to study to become a yoga teacher so again it was a natural progression as it sparked a true sense of passion within. I loved it so much I felt compelled to share it with others – how could I not!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to continually learn and grow spiritually and to share my knowledge with others and teach at such a beautiful centre.

My asana style incorporates stretching and strengthening using the breath to flow through the practice. My aim is to deliver my classes so my students leave feeling more connected within, centred and balanced. Namaste