Balarama Krishna Das

Kirtan Leader, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Philosophy


I began my journey of self-discovery more than 40 years ago through learning the timeless practices of mantra meditation.

Initially, I was attracted by the friendly people and peaceful vibes at the meditation programs I attended, but I also wanted to learn more about the deeper meaning of meditation and self-realization.

Gradually, by regularly meditating and exploring the authentic spiritual wisdom behind the practice of meditation, I gained a deeper sense of happiness, positive direction, real purpose and meaning to my life.

Feeling enlivened by my experience with mantra meditation, and in line with ancient tradition, Gopala dasi and I have been teaching meditation free of charge for over 30 years. We both experience great happiness in sharing the sublime and effective process of meditation and spiritual wisdom with others at our Learn to Meditate Classes and Sacred Chanting Meditation (Kirtan) programs.

I hope to meet you soon.